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TD 472

# 2


Chief Engineer

JSC «Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant»

A.B. Shutikhin

«10» 04 2009

Second reissue with changes # 1, 2, 3, 4


«11» 02 1999

This technical contract applies to the supply of forged rods made of structural carbon and alloy steel with a diameter or side of a square over 200 mm in accordance with GOST 1133−71 with the following features:

1. The chemical composition of steel and technical requirements must comply with GOST 380; GOST 1050; GOST 4543 or other NTD specified in the order.

2. Bars are made with diameters or side of a square over 200 to 280 mm, no more than 2.5 m long.

By agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer, the delivery of rods of other lengths is allowed.

Maximum deviations in diameter or side of the square must correspond to:

Diameter, side of the square, mm Limit deviations, mm

200−240 on +10

St. 240 +12

By agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer, it is allowed to supply rods with a diameter of up to 300 mm.

3. The surface group is specified in the order. Bars with surface group 1 are supplied with a turned (ground) surface.

4. Ucov (the ratio of the areas of the average cross-section of the ingot to the obtained cross-section) must be at least 3.

5. Ovality of round bars and rhombicity of square bars should not exceed the maximum deviation in diameter or side of the square.

6. The macrostructure of rods with dimensions over 250 mm is controlled at the request of the consumer. In the markostructure of rods with dimensions over 250 mm, there should be no looseness, subcrustal blisters, cracks, crusts, stratification and flocs, foreign metallic and non-metallic inclusions.

The control is carried out on reforged shots with dimensions of 90−140 mm, according to GOST 10243−75

7. Reference in work order and specifications to this technical agreement is required.

8. Under this technical contract, delivery to other consumers is allowed.


First deputy. Directors Head of Technical

FSUE «RF YC VNIITF» of the department of JSC «Zlatoustovsky

them. academician E.I. Zababakhina Metallurgical Plant «

Carriage… S.А. Reshetnikov

«" 2009 «9» 04 2009