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Hex bar made of copper


Copper hex bar is corrosive resistant and durable material. It is easy to install and can be exposed to cold treatment. It is easy weldable and can keep its properties in wide range of temperatures. Good heat and electric conductivity, reliability, compliance with sanitary regulations make this mill-product very popular in various fields of application. Although copper does not differ with high strength if to compare with steel, but it has higher workability and corrosive resistance. After utilization, copper is usually used second time.


Operational advantages of copper hex bar: workability, corrosion resistance, ecological safety make it a universal blank in many industries. It is indispensable in shipbuilding and public utilities sector. It is a valuable semi-fabricate for manufacture of screws, bolts and other fastening details especially in instrument engineering and electrical engineering. Ecological safety of copper hex makes it popular in water and gas supply system. Due to perfect electric conductivity and non-magnetization, it is widely used in electrical engineering and energetics when manufacturing details of current-carrying constructions.

Types of copper hex bar

Manufacturing method Accuracy Material Special conditions

hot-deformed (extruded)

cold-deformed (drawn)







for machining

soft, have extra plasticity

semi-soft, have extra plasticity

solid, have extra plasticity

Example of order formulation: copper hex bar, C12500 — Cw006a, drawn, standard accuracy of manufacture, soft, Ø 12 mm, random length, intended for machining.

Copper hex bar supplier

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