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Tungsten carbide electrode


Tungsten carbide is chemical compound of tungsten and carbon (monocarbide and semicarbide). Tungsten carbide is similar to diamond by its hardness. It has high wearing resistance, corrosion resistance and very high melting point.


Tungsten carbide is broadly applied in manufacture of extra-hard tools. It is used in the capacity of wearing pad for details that work in conditions of severe abrasion wear. It is also utilized in manufacture of disks, drills, mills, electrodes. Autogenic welding electrode SFTC G21-GF-55-CG, WSC (according to DIN 8555) is full of shattered spheroidal tungsten carbide. It is used for deposit welding on unalloyed, low-alloyed steels, for cutting edges of tools.

Special electrode, which is full of spheroidal tungsten carbide WSC E21 UM-GF-60-CG is used in the capacity of electrical deposit welding on unalloyed or low-alloyed steels. Electrodes of such type as E21-UM-60-CGZ are compressed and sintered. They are applied for deposit welding on details that are exposed to high wear problem at friction. Flexible autogenic electrode for welding with shattered spheroidal tungsten carbide of grade G21-UM-55-CG is used for deposit welding on ferritin and austenic bars, equipment for deep hole drilling, cast iron, conveyor screw etc.

Types of tungsten carbide electrodes

— filled with NiCrBSi and shuttered tungsten carbide in molten state, WSC G21-GF-55-CG grades;

— spheroidal flexible molten electrodes of grade SFTC G21-UM-55-CG, filled with spheroidal molten tungsten carbide;

— filled with NiCrBSi and spheroidal molten tungsten carbide, SFTC G21-GF-55-CG grades.


Tungsten non-consumable electrodes are made according to GOST 23 949−80. Tungsten carbide electrodes are manufactured according to GOST 21 448−75. Electrodes of such type can have round section (diameter 0.5 — 3x40 mm), or flat section (4x2x40, 1,5x2x40, 1,5x3x40). Operational characteristic of tungsten carbide electrodes provides high thermal stability of welding seam and perfect operational stability.

Physical properties of W

Description Identification
Temperature at which are obtained actual characteristics °С 20°С
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/degree] 43x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 19.3
Ultimate tensile strength kg/mm2 35
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.134
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 300.173
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054

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