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Aluminum hexahedron


Aluminum hexahedron is semi manufacture with hexahedral cross-section. It is manufacturing of aluminum alloys or pure aluminum. This section is made with sides from 6mm to 200 mm (including). Manifold of aluminum grades permit to choose the most optimal variant. At first the matter concerns mechanic and chemical durability. High longevity and technological effectiveness of most grades allows vastly reducing costs and time for equipment maintenance and repairing.


Manufacturing of rolled aluminum with such cross-section is extremely needed, as it has optimal weight-durability relation. Aluminum hexahedron is widely used in all types of building constructions. It is very light, relatively cheap, perfectly incurs for mechanic processing and easy mounted. It is non-magnetic. Thanks to layer of oxide it has little sensibility to corrosion at wet surroundings. It’s non-toxic, longeval and aesthetically beautiful. By sequences of properties aluminum exceed steel:

  • lighter metal
  • More technological
  • Alloys of aluminum with silicon or magnesium are persistent even in sea water.

Marking of aluminum hexahedron

By material condition By durability Accuracy of rolled metal By length

S — soft, annealed;

Т — hard-tempered and naturally worn out;

Т1 — hard-tempered and artificially worn out.

ES — extra strong;

NO marking — normal durability.

N — normal;

HS — high-strength;

H — High;

ML — multiple rhythmic length (with marking of frequency rate);

NS/NL — unlimited length not shorter/ no longer of pre-assigned (with marking of a given size) BH — by hanks (unlimited length)

Hot-deformed hexahedron is manufactured without thermal processing.

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