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Steel products made of Inconel 718


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
2.4668 N07718 NiCr19FeNbMo Buy from stock, view availability

UNS N07718- Inconel 718 ®

The marketing general names of alloy: Inconel 718 ®, Alvac ® 718, Nicrofer ® 5219, Altemp ® 718, Hines ® 718. An alloy on a nickel basis is additionally quenched. It possesses high properties of elongation to break resistance at temperatures not higher than 704 °C. In comparison with Inconel 617, this alloy possesses a perfect weldability by virtue of titanium and aluminium presence. This alloy is used for high-speed details of aeronautic engines (disk, gasket, bandages, tie-down fitting, male screw) that work at high temperature.


Manufacture of semi-fabricates performs in malleablize hardened condition. Inconel mill-products 718 are represented with further types: rod, welded and seamless pipe, wire, plate, sheet, flange, connecting piece and forging. Sheet has a thickness 0,25 — 1,6 mm or made to order thickness to 4 mm. Rod is made in a form of forging with a diameter not more than 230 mm. The bigger sizes can be made to order. A coiled material is made in large-format sizes; its widths constitutes 900−1200 mm and a wideness of plate is up to 100 mm. Seamless tube Inconel 718 can be rolled to a diameter not more than 200 mm. Huge diameters can be made to order in a form of welded tube. All products (with a welding seam) are exposed to a method with tight tolerances of nondestructive control. Practically, tubes can be manufactured of any diameter and an extent of allowance does not depend on a size of order.

Chemical composition of alloy

Ni Cr Cu Ti Cb+Ta Co Al Mo Fe Mn S P Si
52.5 19.0 0.9 5.13 ≤1 0.5 3.05 18.5          


This alloy has a high plasticity and it can satisfactory be taken to molding. But it is disposed to a hammer hardening. That is why it must be cut at small speeds with a special tool. It differs with a perfect weldability by virtue of titanium and aluminium presence. Welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating.


Type Description
limitedly weldable welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С and further heat treating
hardly weldable in order to obtain a qualitative welded joints, it is necessary to perform the following operations: while welding, to heat it up to 200−300°C, to do a heat treating (annealing) after welding
without stint
welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating

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