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Hex bar made of brass


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
LS59-1 2.0402 CuZn39Pb1 Buy from stock, view availability
L63 2.0321 C27200 CuZn37 Buy from stock, view availability


Brass hex bar are made according to GOST 2060−2006 out of grades: C38000 (CuZn40Pb1), CuZn37 (2.0321). Chemical composition is specified by GOST 15 527−2004. Chemical control is specified by GOST 24 231 — 80. By manufacturing method, hex bars can be hot-deformed and cold-deformed. The first ones must comply with GOST 2879−88, the second must comply with GOST 8560−78.

Range of products

Hex bars can have high, extra and standard accuracy. By material state, there are distinguished soft, hard, semi-hard hex bars. Hex bars are divided into products of specific multiple, random, and specific length. By additional properties, there are distinguished such hex bars:
— antimagnetic;
— soft with extra plasticity;
— semi-hard with extra plasticity;
— hard with extra plasticity;
— pressed with standard plasticity;
— presses with extra plasticity. Coil spooling can be free or layer-by-layer.


Brass hex bar is used in mechanical engineering, electrical goods, shipbuilding, hydropower engineering, petroleum chemistry, agro-processing, machine tool building. Hexagonal bar serves as a blank for screws, bolts, different constructions, matrix etc.

Brass hex bar

Diameter, mm Grade Weight Titanium grade 4 price
10, 12,14,16,18,20, 22,24, З0, З2 C38000 (CuZn40Pb1) kg Negotiated
8,10, 12,16,20, 24, З0, З2, З4, З6,40 CuZn37 (2.0321) kg Negotiated


It possesses perfect wearing resistance, heat and electric conductivity, plasticity, corrosive resistance, workability. Hexagonal bas can be easily exposed to different types of treatment and installation both in cold and hot state. It is not cheap and can be used again after utilization. All these things make it very popular.


Brass is not the most strong and heat resistant material if to compare with iron alloys.


By a manufacturing method: By accuracy: By length: Special conditions of manufacture: By condition of material:






specific multiple cut


in coils

antimagnetic hex bar

automatic processing

soft with extra level of plasticity

with stub-ends

semi-hard with extra plasticity

pressed with standard plasticity

hard with extra plasticity

pressed with extra plasticity


soft (annealed)



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