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GOSTs of pipes, circles of 09Х16н4б, EP56


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Technical characteristics

According to the norms of GOST 5632-72 steel grade 09Х16н46, from which such types of rolled products as pipes, circles, sheets and hexagons are made, refers to the martensitic class. The scope of products is constructions used in aggressive environments at high temperatures. For example, tubes are very often used in steam heaters and installations operating in ultrahigh pressure conditions.

Percentage alloy composition (GOST 5632-72)

C Mn Ni Nb Si Cr S P Fe
0.08-0,12 ≤0,5 4-4,5 0,05-0,15 ≤0,6 15-16,5 ≤0,008 ≤0,03 base

GOST classifies 09Cr16n4b grade as ordinary corrosion-resistant steel. Its mechanical and physical properties are largely determined by the type of rolled steel (bars, forgings, sheets). The hardness parameters are also influenced by subsequent heat treatment of the product. According to GOST 5949-75, then the circle 09X16n4b (EP56) has the following strength parameters:

  • hardness (after annealing) - 321 MPa;
  • Tensile strength - up to 1180 MPa;
  • limit of proportionality - up to 930 MPa;
  • relative elongation at tension - 8;.

Due to high technological and operational qualities, stainless steel rolls of this grade are widely used by modern industry. With the advent of such new generation materials there is an opportunity to improve many technological processes, where the production is connected with the action of high temperatures and aggressive environments. Thanks to these materials it became possible to provide long-term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment in a wide temperature range.


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