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Rolling ring, casting made of titanium gost TL5 alloy


Titanium casting alloy of gost TL5 was invented by Central Scientific-Research Institute «Prometheus» for operational use in marine condition. It possesses a corrosive resistance in seawater. Titanium casting alloy of grade gost TL5 is made according to IS 9071−88. By increasing a cooling rate of titanium casting alloys, there increases a flow limit and resistance to a high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue.


Alloy Workable properties General characteristics Application
TL5 Good casting properties and weldability Great strength in comparison with titanium gost TL3. However, it is less malleable Heavy-load parts for turbine generators, welded constructions, water propellers

As long as titanium has low density, structure weight is reduced by 40% in comparison with steel. This leads to decrease of a load on bearing assemblies, thereby increasing an operational life of equipment. Resistance to intercrystalline, crevice corrosion and cracking are important properties of titanium casting grades. Titanium alloys differ with resistance to soil, atmospheric moisture, to effects of sea, chlorinated water. They are stable in contact with acids, in atmosphere of natural gas, oil, petroleum products, aggressive industrial atmosphere, in boiling ammonia solution.

Optimization of properties

Recent studies have demonstrated a possibility to improve mechanical properties of shaped castings by forming bi-plate-like structure with a help of heat treatment.
Thus, wide α-plates have interlayer of transformed β-phase. Heat treatment gives bi-plate-like structure and includes annealing (after which a wideness of beta interlayer increases) at temperatures of α + β-field and further cooling. The last leads to precipitation of thin α-plates of different orientations in β-phase. It effectively retards a transfer of glide process due to a sheet-like structure.

Heat treatment

In order to form a sheet-like structure of parts obtained by precision casting with further gasostatic treatment, there must be done a heating at t ° of 1050 ° (β-field) and cooling at t ° up to 1 ° C / min. Material must be heated to 880 ° C, and then cooled at different rates from 15 to 8000 ° C / min to achieve bi-plate-like structure.
Thickness of transformed β-interlayer is raised at increasing a cooling rate. All samples must be aged for 24 hours at a final stage of treatment at a temperature of 500 ° C in order to form a fine particles of α-2 phase.


With a help of modern technology, there has become possible a manufacture of titanium products of different sections. Such products are popular in manufacturing fittings of different applications. Titanium grade gost TL5 is indispensable for heavy-load details of turbine generators, manufacturing of welded structures, water propellers.

Quality control

There must be done an obligation exterior check, a test of mechanical casting properties, analysis of chemical composition. There are used such methods of quality control: gamma-ray, radioscopic flaw detection, ultrasonic check, luminescent inspection. Sometimes castings can be put on trial under pneumatic and hydro pressure. In order to avoid dummy flaws, they are exposed to isostatic hot pressing. It draws a crystalline lattice nearer to a quality of forged metal.


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