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Wire, rod, bar made of titanium grade 9 (Ti3Al2.5V)

Wire, rod (bar) Sheet (plate), strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
PT-3V 3.7195 R56320 Ti3Al2.5V Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Bar Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU J/cm³ Plasticity δ%
Grade 9 749 Bimodal (annealing 910 °C 15 min) 100.9 15.6%
Grade 9 745 Fiber structure 110.2 14.9%
— «--- 766

Globular fine granulation

890 °C 1 h.

101.7 17.9%
— «--- 766

Sheet-like coarse-crystalline

(800 -1050°C, 30 min)

95.8 16.7%
— «--- 761

Globular coarse-crystalline

800 °C, 48 h

101.6 19.5%

Fatigue resistance of bar

Bar R Heat treating Thickness, mm Load configuration

Endurance limit stress


Grade 9 — 1 Annealing 980 °C 1 h. 18 Bend rotation 410 MPa
— «--- — 1 Annealing Ø 12 — «--- 216 MPa
— «--- — 1 — «--- Ø 20 Bend rotation 196 MPa
— «--- — 1 Annealing Ø 140 — «--- 157 MPa
— «--- — 1 — «--- Ø 180 Bend rotation 143 MPa

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