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Bar, wire, rod made of Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V

Rod (bar), wire


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Due to heat resistance, titanium alloy Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V (Grade 8) is used in gas-turbine engines, air-frame parts, forged turbine blades and compressor disks. There should be considered high susceptibility of alloy to hydrogen frailty, to salt corrosion and corrosion cracking.

Technical characteristics

Alloy is hardened by thermohardening. It can be satisfactorily welded. Welded seam has lower ductility in comparison to base metal. Products made of Ti alloy-8−1-1 have the highest module of elasticity at tension and the lowest density in comparison to other titanium alloys. High content of aluminium promotes increasing of strength and heat resistance of alloy. Additives of molybdenum and vanadium stabilize small amount of β-phase. However, this increases a self-cost of manufacture.

Percentage composition according to ASTM standard

Titanium Al Mo V Fe C N H O Residual elements
Basis 7.35−8.35 0.75−1.25 0.75−1.25 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,08 ≤ 0,05 ≤0.015 ≤ 0,15 ≤ 0,4

Alloy ti 8−1-1 has the highest module of elasticity at tension. It has good weldability, excellent resistance to creep at operating temperatures up to 450 °C. This allows using ti 8−1-1 for modern gas turbine engines.


Among other titanium alloys Ti-8−1-1 has the greatest module of elasticity. Mill-products: forgings, bars, plates, sheets, sections of this alloy. They are mainly used after double or triple annealing. As a result, there forms a structure that provides the highest creep resistance. Strength properties can be substantially increased by cold deformation. Hardening is achieved by cold deformation. It is particularly high when a degree of deformation is up to 40%. In this case, hardening has inconspicuous strengthening effect.


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