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Rare and refractory metals

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You can get accustomed with characteristics of the following products:

Molybdenum (wire);

Molybdenum (rod);

Molybdenum (sheet);

Tungsten bar;

Tungsten electrodes;

Tungsten wire.


Rare refractory metals (with unfinished d-level) relate to transitional elements of fourth, fifth, sixth group of periodic system of D. I. Mendeleiev.
This peculiarity defines a number of their chemical and physical properties: corrosion resistance, high strength, refractory quality (when melting point can constitute from 1660 °C to 3400°C). Mixed valence of these elements determines diversity of different chemical compounds. They all can form solid refractory carbides, silicides, borids,


As long as melting point of refractory metals is very high, there are usually used methods of electron-beam (arc) welding or method of powder metallurgy. Further technology lies in treatment of obtained powder or porous mass — sponge. Baking is made by traditional for powder metallurgy electron-beam (arc) welding.


Industrial manufacture of almost all rare refractory metals for affordable market prices was organized since before XX mid-century. It has become to develop with despatch because there were growing needs in rocket-space, aircraft, nuclear industries. Nowadays, Russia joins the ranks of undeniable leader of mining and manufacture of refractory materials.


Refractory metals have general field of application, primarily as an alloying component of hard heat-resistant alloys. Many of these alloys are used by electrical and electrovacuum techniques. A number of modern industries use bearing materials on refractory elements base. Instrument engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical and nuclear industry do not have equivalent alternatives to products on titanium, cobalt, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium basis.


Atomic number is 74. Atomic weight is 183,9. Melting point is 3395 + 15 Celsius degrees. Electrical resistance is three times higher than copper possesses. This metal serves as a basis for heat-resistant alloys and the hardest steels (high-speed and tool steels). Its treatment (forging, rolling, drawing) is possible only after heating up. There are a few demerits: very high density (19.3 g/cm3), shortness at low temperatures, low corrosion resistance.

Alloys on tungsten basis

Tungsten gives heat-resistance, hardness, wearing resistance to upmarket tool steels. It is literally indispensable for details of electrovaccum tools, armour plating, glowing filaments. Its high density is beneficial for counterbalances of artillery projectiles, bullets, fast-speed (up to 180 000 rotations per minute) gyrowheels, which stabilize of ballistic rocket travel.

Hard alloys made on tungsten carbid basis are indispensable during steel machining and bearing non-metal materials (turning operation, milling, spudding drilling, dressing). Tungsten sulphide WS2 is high-quality and heat resistant lubricant (up to 500 degrees). Tungsten trioxide is used in manufacture of hard electrolytic conductor of heat resistant elements.


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