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Rare and refractory metals

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This section reflects the characteristics of the following products:

  • Molybdenum (wire);
  • Molybdenum (circle);
  • Molybdenum (leaf);
  • Tungsten rod;
  • Tungsten electrodes;
  • Tungsten wire.


Refractory rare metals (with an unfinished electronic d-level) belong to the transition elements of the fourth, fifth, sixth group of the periodic system of D. I. Mendeleev, This feature determines a number of their chemical and physical properties: refractoriness — when the melting point can be from 1660 degrees (melting t° titanium) up to 3400 degrees (melting t° tungsten), corrosion resistance, high strength. The variable valency of these elements determines the variety of various chemical compounds. All of them can form hard refractory carbides, silicides, and borides.


Since the melting point of refractory metals is very high, electron beam (arc) melting or powder metallurgy methods are usually used. Further technology consists in processing the resulting powder or porous mass — a sponge. Sintering is carried out by traditional for powder metallurgy electron-beam or arc melting.


The industrial production of almost all rare refractory metals at attractive market prices was established before the middle of the twentieth century, and in the second half of the twentieth century it began to develop at a rapid pace, caused by the growing needs of the rocket and space, aviation, and nuclear industries.


Refractory metals have a common area of use, primarily as an alloying component of hard heat-resistant alloys. Many of these alloys are used in electronic, electrovacuum technology. A number of modern industries depend on structural materials based on refractory elements. Instrumentation, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical and nuclear industries do not have an equivalent alternative to products based on titanium, cobalt, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium.


Atomic number — 74, atomic weight — 183.9, Melting point is 3395 + 15 degrees. The electrical resistance is almost 3 times yours than that of copper. This metal serves as the basis for heat-resistant alloys, as well as the hardest steels (high-speed tool steels). Its processing (forging, rolling, drawing) is possible only after heating. The disadvantages of tungsten include a very high density = 19.3 g / cm3, brittleness at low temperatures, low resistance to oxidation.

Alloys based on tungsten

Tungsten gives heat resistance, hardness, wear resistance to elite tool steels. It is literally indispensable for parts of electrovacuum devices, armor coating, filaments. Its high density is beneficial for counterweights of artillery shells, for bullets and for high-speed (up to 180 thousand revolutions per minute) gyroscope rotors, which stabilize the flight of a ballistic missile.

Hard alloys based on tungsten carbide are indispensable during the machining of steels and structural non-metallic materials (turning, milling, chiselling and planing), as well as during well drilling. Tungsten sulfide WS 2 is a very high quality and heat resistant grease (up to 500 degrees). The so-called tungsten trioxide is used in the production of a solid electrolyte for heat-resistant cells.


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