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Sheet, round, wire, steel, 10H13G18D, DI61


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Brand 10Х13Г18Д is a high-alloy heat-resistant steel, used in small load at high temperatures. This grade compared to similar chromium-Nickel alloy has a high ductility for deep forming, high resistance to intergranular corrosion and to stress corrosion cracking.

The percentage composition of (GOST 5632−72)

C Mn Ni As B Cu Cr S P Fe
≤0,11 17−16,5 Of ≤0.9 ≤0,06 ≤0,003 0,9−1,3 12−14 ≤0,7 ≤0,15 Basis

Doping contributes to improve the heat resistance and enables the use of this steel the most important parts. This steel has a relatively balanced performance of heat resistance and heat resistance, making it so popular.


The use of austenitic or ferritic steels depends on the operating conditions. 10Х13Г18Д steel is used: for the manufacture of household appliances, consumer goods products, machines and devices food and vending machine building, plate heat exchangers. When choosing heat-resistant steel for burdened working conditions, it is possible to change this brand to another, with lower carbon content.


High-quality and sheet hire of this grade of steel in its composition contains about 18% manganese, which is capable both of dissolving the Nickel and other elements, giving the alloy ductility, uniformity and corrosion resistance. The alloy furthermore contains 13% chromium, silicon and copper, carbon up to 0.10%, and the impurity phosphorus and sulfur — hundredths of a percent. The application of pipes of this brand saves money, time for their maintenance and repair, compared to products made from conventional steel.

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