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Carbide electrode made of titanium

The main fields of TiC application

Nowadays, titanium carbide is indispensable in tooling. There can be made of it hard metal-ceramic alloys in the forms of electrodes for arc lamps.
It is used in the form of electrodes at electrolysis of mercury cathode and at breaking-up of sodium amalgam. It is widely used in the form of additive for graphite or its analogues. Electrodes on a basis of TiC are used in a process of oxy-electric steel cutting under water. By doing so, there decreases a specific electrode consumption 7−10 times less, in comparison with standard electrodes.

Other fields of TiC application

— filling mass for diamond tools;

— material for crucible, boats where aluminium vaporizes.

— fire screen of electrical furnaces;

— protective cases of metal-ceramic thermocouples;

— treatment of semiconducting materials, dielectrics, aluminium, glass, natural stone;

— abrasive material for treatment of steels, pig-iron, metals and non-ferrous alloys.

Properties of titanium carbide electrodes

During process of cutting with a TiC electrode, there can be observed a self-sustaining combustion, light arc starting. A received cut-out will be of high quality.
At electrode injection in a graphite composition, increases an effectiveness of aqueous solution electrolysis. In case of increasing a content of TiC in electrode to 30%, there will occur a significant decreasing of over-stress and release of oxygen and hydrogen. At that, a current density will constitute 10~2 — 10~4 A/cm2. At a higher carbide content (higher than 30%), a further decreasing of stress will not occur.
During application of aluminium coating on plastic, its usage in the capacity of heating element becomes difficult because of cutting of high-melting compound tubular electrodes.
In crucibles of carbide titanium, there performs a vacuum evaporation of low-melting-point metals such as cuprum, stannum, argentum. For electric furnaces, there are used alloy grades TiN — TiC — Cr in the form of graphite electrode.


In a composition of TiC electrodes there are required following components: Fе — 0,1 — 0,6%, C — 0,1 — 0,2%; Ti — 79,2 — 80% and C 19,4 — 20,2%. Carbide titanium is made of following fractions: F — 320, F400, F360, F500, F800, F600, F1200, F1000.


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