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Wire, pipe, rod made of CuNi3Mn12


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
MNMts3-12 2.1362 CuMn12Ni Buy from stock, view availability

General characteristics

Products made of manganin are getting more popularity nowadays. Manganin is a special alloy on nickel and manganese basis. Depending on percentage content of additional elements, there exit varieties of manganin. The main components of alloy are cobalt and nickel (2,5 — 3,5%) (Co+Ni), manganese (11,5 — 13,5%) and copper (85%). The main advantages of alloy are low temperature coefficient of resistance and relatively small thermo-electromotive force in a pair with copper.

Maganin CuMn12Ni

Cu Fe Mn Pb%, S% Ni+Co Residual elements
Basis > 82% ≤ 0.2 11,5 — 13,5 up to 0,02% 2,5 — 3,5 ≤ 0.4

Manganin CuMn12Ni

Cu Mn Fe Al Ni+Co Residual elements
81.7 — 85.2 11.5 — 13.5 0.2 — 0.5 0.2 — 0.4 2.5 — 3.5 ≤ 0.4

Main properties

When starting to work with manganin, you need to become familiar with its properties. It should be kept in mind that a maximum permissible operating temperature must not exceed + 300 ° C. In order to achieve higher efficiency in usage, you have to control an atmospheric humidity level because manganin is very sensitive to changes of such kind. For this reason, there can be a risk of corrosion propagation, if atmosphere is saturated with water steam and acids. Due to a mechanical stress to which is exposed a wire by coiling on a core, there is arises a changing of structure. It leads to rearrangement of molecules. Therefore, manganin may change its resistance after prolonged usage. Considering all of the above mentioned, you can extend an operational use of products made of this material.


The main type of mill-products is wire for alloy grades CuNiMnAlFe 3−12−0,3−0,3 and CuMn12Ni. Manufacture complies with GOST 492−2006 that defines requirements to nickel alloys as well as to nickel and nickel-copper alloys, which are exposed to pressure treatment. In order to stabilize electrical characteristics in vacuum, alloys undergo special heat treatment. As a result of this, alloys can be used up to a maximum temperature of + 200 ° C, unlike non-stabilized grades that can withstand only 60−80°C. Thanks to curried out treatment, all properties of alloys are stabilized. At that, there increases a degree of alloy homogeneity.

Range of products

Companies manufacture hard-drawn and soft wires, diameter of which ranges from 0.02 to 6 mm. They also manufacture such types of strips width of which does not exceed 270 mm and which thickness is ≤ 0.08 mm. These companies call manganin alloys as its critical raw material that perfectly suits for a manufacture of these products. Popular types of coils wire are presented in wide range. The most requested products are: coils wires of enamel insulation; insulated wires, coating of which is a silk; wire with one layer of silk. At that, insulation on these products has an enamel coating.


Considering all positive qualities of manganin, as well as possible problems that may arise during a use of manganin, let us examine its sphere of application, which is quite extensive. This alloy is commonly used in a manufacture of electrically measuring instruments. Shunts and bridge connections are manufactured with a help of this material. Manganin has low resistance at room temperatures. Therefore, it is indispensable in engineering and manufacture of high-accurate instruments. Resistor is an example of such tools.

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