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European steel grades


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
NP2 2.4060 N02200 Ni99.6 Buy from stock, view availability
XH60VT VZh98 Buy from stock, view availability
XH60VT EI868 Buy from stock, view availability

European special steels supplier

«Auremo» company is an expert on a metal-roll market. It sells European special steels on the most favorable terms. There is a wide range of goods of a high quality in stock. All productions are certificated and commercially available. Supplies are done within the shortest possible time. European special steels price depends on order quantity and additional conditions of supply. If you buy European special steels by wholesale, you will be given special discounts. An availability of products and efficiency of delivery are conditioned by a fact that there are offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities of Central Europe. A large variety of European grades of steel will satisfy any customer. Company will give optional discounts if you make wholesale orders.

Short grade guide of foreign special steels and stainless alloys

GOST Brand UNS DIN Grade
NP-2 Nickel 200

Nr. W. 2.4060

Nr. W. 2.4066

NP-2 Nickel 201

Nr. W. 2.4061

Nr. W. 2.4068

Monel Monel 400®

Nr. W. 2.4360

Nr. W. 2.4361

Monel 405® N04405      
Monel K500® N05500      
~ HN60WT Inconel 600® Nr. W. 2.4816 N06600 ~ EI868
~ HN60WT Inconel 601® Nr. W. 2.4851 N06601 ~ EI868
NiCr23Co12Mo Inconel 617® Nr. W. 2.4663 N06617 ~ EP109
NiCr22Mo9Nb Inconel 625® Nr. W. 2.4856 N06625 EI602
NiCr23Fe15 Inconel 718® Nr. W. 2.4668 N07718 ~ EI559А
NiCr15Fe7TiAl Inconel X 750® Nr. W. 2.4669 N07750 EI598
X10CrNiAlTi32−21 Incoloy 800® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08800 EI670
~X10CrNiAlTi32−21 Incoloy 800H® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08810 EI670
~~X10CrNiAlTi32−21 Incoloy 800HT® Nr. W. 1.4876 N08811 EI670
NiCr21Mo Incoloy 825® Nr. W. 2.4858 N08825 ~ EP703
Hastelloy C22® Nr. W. 2.4602 N06022    
~NiMo16Cr15W Hastelloy C276® Nr. W. 2.4819 N10276 ~ EP760
~NiMo28 Hastelloy B-2® N10665 ЭП 49  
Hastelloy X® Nr. W. 2.4665 N06002    
Vascomax 250® / Maraging C250 92 890 K      
Vascomax 300® / Maraging C300 93 120 K      
Vascomax 350® / Maraging C350        
Rene 41® 7 041 N      
Multimet N155® 30 155 R      
Haynes 25® 30 605 R      
Haynes 188® 30 188 R      
Waspalloy® 7 001 N      
MP35N® 30 035 R      
MP159® 30 159 R      
Cobalt Alloy 6B 30 006 R      
Ni36 Invar 36® Nr. W. 1.3912 93 600 K  
Ni42 Invar 42® 94 200 K    
NiCo29−18 Kovar® 94 610 K    
79NM Permalloy®      
Al6XN® 8 367 N      
Ni-Span® C902 9 902 N      
Jethete® M152 S64152      
Alloy A286 S66286      
Alloy 330 N08330 N      

Supply pattern

Name Length, mm Diameter, mm Wideness, mm Thickness, mm
Rod 500−5000 1−300    
Sheet g/k 700−2000 700−1000 3.5−28  
Sheet h/k 700−2000 700−1000 0.02−3.2  
Wire 0.016−12      

External diameter

Length Stiffening plate Note
Tube 0 5−325 1000−9000 0.05−24


It is a heat-resistant alloy on a nickel basis. Inconel contains up to 15% of Cr and 9% of Fe in its composition. Alloy was engineered in the USA for manufacturing jet engines. Native analogies of these alloys are HN73MBTJU and HN80TBJU. This alloy has a high impact hardness and lasting-quality at a temperature of 900 °C. Inconel does not have a notch sensitivity at a low temperature (-78°C).

Inconel is easy to weld. Heat treatment must done for hardening of welding joints.


Heat-resistant alloy Nimonic on iron basis was invented in 1942 in Great Britain in «Monde nickel company». Nimonic contains aluminium, titanium, chrome in its composition. Native analogies of these alloys are HN55WМTFКJU and HN80ТBJU. In order to obtain required properties, there was engineered a number of alloy types, that contain Al -0,5−6%, Ti -0,2−4%, Cr -10−21%. This alloy is doped with molybdenum (not more than 6%), cobalt (not more than 22%) and the rest components. Melting point of alloy changes depending on chemical composition. It can diversify at a temperature range 1310 — 1390 °C. This allows to use its best grades at a temperature that does not exceed 1000 °C. Nimonic can be easy taken to a hot working under a pressure, but cold working is mighty harder to make. It can be manufactured in forms of sheets, tubes, bars and forgings. Details made of nimonic for jet engines can me made in aircraft and rocket engineering.


Hastelloy is an alloy on a nickel basis. It is resistant to corrosion. Hastelloy consist of chrome (up to 23%), iron (up to 29%), molybdenum (up to 30%), carbon (up to 0,15%). Native analogies of an alloy are N70М28 °F and H15N65М16. Some of grades are alloyed with W (not more than 5%), Si (not more than 10%), Co (not more than 2,5%), Cu, Ta, Nb, and others. Hastelloy possesses a resistance to chloride, fluoride, and other ions. It also has firmness to animate environment of salt, phosphorous, formic, alum and vinegar acids. Hastelloy can be made in forms of sheets, wires, bars and castings. It is utilized as a heat-resistant material in a manufacture of chemical apparatus.

European special steels supplier

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