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Tube made of titanium gost VT14 alloy


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Technical characteristics

Lightweight, durable titanium alloys have opened new structural horizons in modern manufacture. Titanium grades are classified according to crystal lattice configuration: cubic (β-state), in a form of hexahedron (α-state), mixed (α + β). Titanium gost VT14 relates to a group α+β alloys, according to IS 90 013−81, GOST 19 807−74. It is alloyed with aluminum (3,5−6,3%), molybdenum (2,5−3,8%), vanadium (0.9 — 1.9%). Titanium gost VT14 was developed in 1960 by VIAM. It has become the first heat-treatable alloy that was utilized in industries. Effectiveness of age-hardening is about 30%. A type of casting alloy is titanium gost VT14L.

Manufacture of titanium tube

Percentage composition according to GOST 19 807 — 91

Si C Fe Mo Ti N V O Zr Al Residual elements
≤0,152 ≤0.1 ≤0,25 2,5−3,5 86,85−92,8 ≤0.05 0.9 — 1.9 ≤0,15 ≤0.3 3.5- 6.3 others 0,3

Note: titanium constitutes a basis of alloy; its percentage content is noted in table.

Semi-fabricate Heat treatment Strength (MPa) Plasticity δ% KCU J/cm³
Banded structure — ring-type stamping Thermohardening + age-hardening 1127 — 1189 4 — 6.4% 19.6 — 22.5
Hot-rolled pipes Annealing more than 850 more than 8% more than 50
Banded structure — ring-type stamping Thermohardening + age-hardening 1117 — 1156 8.8 — 10.2% 35.2 — 41.1


Titanium tubes of this grade are widely used in gas-producing petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, for a manufacture of compressors, pipelines, pumps.

Physical characteristics

Description Identification
Temperature at which are obtained actual characteristics: 20°С
Heat conduction coefficient t° 200 °C [1/ °С] 8.37
Density g/cm3;

Elasticity module of 1 sort Е [MPa] x 10-5 1.1
Specific heat of the material [J/(kg/deg)] (range of temperature 20°С) 0.544
Short-term strength limitsв [MPa] Bar, GOST 26 492−85 1080
Short-term strength limitsв [MPa] Sheet, GOST 22 178−76 835−885


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