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GOSTs of 07X21G7AN5 steel pipe


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Technical characteristics

07X21G7AN5 (EP222) refers to chromium-manganese-nickel alloys of austenitic class. It is melted in electric arc furnaces. VDP and ESHP can also be used. Production is regulated by GOST 5949-75 and 5632-72 and technical conditions: 14-1-2455-78; 14-1-952-74; 14-1-1141-74; 14-1-2476-78; 14-1-3041-80. Steel is used in the production of welded and brazed structures operating in the temperature range of 253-400°C (spindles, chains, fasteners, oxygen plant hangers, flanges, thin-walled welded and brazed fragments obtained by cold and hot deformation and threaded joints of high swivelability).

Percentage composition of 07X21G7AN5 (EP222) alloy

Fe Cr C Mn P Ni N Si S
Basis. 19,5-21 ≤0,07 6 -7,5 ≤0,03 5-6 0,15-0,25 ≤0,7 ≤0,02

Physical properties (t° 20°C)

- Thermal conductivity is 0,194 - 10² W/(m - K)

- Specific heat capacity is 430 J/(kg - K).

- Density 7.7 g/cm3

- Modulus of elasticity 20 - 10 - 4 N/mm2

- Hardness - 200 NV MPa -1

- Specific resistance 0.71 Ohmxmm2/m

- Magnetic permeability in the field of 500 E is 0.3 - 0.5 (Tl - m)/A.


Can be automatic welding under flux AH-26, manual and argon-arc welding without additive and with additive. Welding wire Sv-10Х16Н25АМ6, Sv-08Х15Н23В7Г7М2 is used as additive material. The sheet 07Х21Г7А5 with thickness not more than 10 mm is welded by all methods of electric-arc manual welding with satisfactory results. The argon-arc method is recommended for welding sheets less than 6 mm thick and root seams of more than 10 mm. It is preferable to weld this steel with stainless steels such as 07X16H6, 12X18H10T, 12X21H5T and heat-resistant XH60VT and XH77T1O. Welding wire Sv06H15N60M15 is recommended for welding with nickel heat-resistant alloys and Sv-04H19N11MZ with stainless alloys. Welded joints in this case do not require heat treatment.

Application of .

Parts of metallurgical and mining equipment, welded vessels operated in extractive phosphoric, 55% sulfuric acid and acetic acid up to the temperature of 80 °C. Production of structures operating in the temperature range -253 +400 ° C, connections of fittings, in the joints of pipelines, repair of welded equipment that operates in a radioactive environment. As a cladding layer such steel is used in the production of centrifugally cast tubes, for tubular furnace coils and double-layer hot-rolled corrosion-resistant sheets in ethylene, ammonia, carbon disulfide and hydrogen production facilities.


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