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Busbar, band made of bronze

Busbar (band)

It is fairly possible that plate armour of legendary Hector was forged out of bronze extra-hard band.

Technical characteristics

Bronze busbar refers to bronze mill-products. It is widely used in many fields due to high technical characteristics.

Manufacture is performed in two ways:

— hot-rolling;

— cold-rolling;

Assortment of bronze busbar

Depending on manufacturing practice, bronze busbar can be:

— soft;

— half-soft;

— hard;

— extra-hard;

Depending on thickness, bronze busbar can be:

— thin, specified by GOST 1761;

— thick, specified by GOST 5017;

Depending on utilized material, bronze busbar can be manufactured of:

1) Tin bronze. In its composition can be present: Cu, Sb, P, Zn, Pb, Si, Sn, Fe and other. For example: CuSnZnPb, 2.1020CuSn6, CuSn4Zn3.

2) Tinless bronze. In its composition can be present: Al, Si, Fe, Mn, Sn, Zn, P, Pb and other. For example: Cu5Al, Cu7Al, CuAl9Mn2


Band is made of bronze mill-products. It is characterized as very hard and consistent, resistant to corrosion (under an effect of moisture and chemicals) product. Bronze band is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Due to this, it is widely used in electrical and power engineering.


Bronze mill-products are used in various fields. Busbars are used in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, treatment of metal. Different parts can be stamped for creation of metal structures and fittings.


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