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The metal market

The metal market

In General, the metal market can be divided into two large groups: products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The scope of the alloys are limitless and this is proven by the fact that construction and metal products surround us everywhere. If in everyday life we are not concerned with the characteristics of a particular alloy, in professional activities without reference of metal is simply impossible.

Advantages of stainless steel alloys

First, the service life of stainless steel products — at least 25 years. For this, a sufficiently long period of operation, the steel has lost its advantages. No need for painting, repair, etc. of Course, you can use low-carbon alloy with a galvanic covering. But although they are much cheaper, coating, under the action of external factors destroyed over the next years. Secondly, corrosion resistance. High-alloy austenitic stainless steel has a special application. But even fairly inexpensive low-alloyed stainless steel resistant to adverse environmental influences such as rain, snow, polluting factors, and can be easily used when creating interior and outdoor design. Thirdly, — compliance with hygiene requirements. Sanitary standards are crucial in food industry. And stainless steel, chemically inert, making it indispensable for contact with food. Also do not forget about personal hygiene, such as nail clippers. Fourth, aesthetic appeal. Typically, stainless steel can be processed in various ways — grinding, polishing, brushing, electropolishing, which in combination with high strength characteristics, and high corrosion resistance allows you to preserve the attractive appearance of products. Stainless steel is resistant to scratches. Its color does not change on the bends. On a specially treated decorative sheets and panels made of stainless steel is virtually no fingerprints and traces of fat — in this case we are talking about frosted surfaces and a mirror finish. Fifth, — alloy stainless steel has a high resistance in comparison with ordinary carbon brands. Their refractoriness significantly expands the scope of application. Sixthly, high strength, allows you to create a vandal-resistant design in public areas that are especially important in our turbulent times. What qualities make steel an even more attractive are discussed below.

Technical characteristics

The quality of the surface depends on the method of finishing material. Note two important points: first welded stainless steel pipe, recently very successfully compete with solid-drawn (seamless) pipes. The use of the latter, from the point of view of economic expediency is more preferable. And the second is the improved quality of the finishing surfaces. Recall again that in addition to grinding (she recently used as the preparatory operation), it can be polishing, electropolishing, and electrohydroblock. When you use these methods achieved the lowest possible value of roughness. The surface becomes essentially a mirror. In addition, finish machining often allows to detect hidden defects of the welded connection, which in interior design might not be so bad, but in industry, where the tube operates in a hostile environment, but still under high pressure is very important. Special technology belt grinding (application of the production line of tape machines) can significantly reduce the cost of making the product in the eyes of consumers even more attractive. Optimization of technological processes allows to obtain the desired surface finish with minimum costs. Traditionally used in the construction of the black metal of low carbon steel, sometimes coated. Lately the situation is changing, and more and more stainless steel finds its place at the sites of new buildings.

Extends the scope of application of stainless steel

A wide range and variety of surfaces. Now produced almost any stainless steel products, both standard and non-standard special order. The diversity of brands allows you to choose the best ratio cost — quality. First of all we are talking about mechanical and chemical resistance. High ductility allows for a number of brands widely used in mass production of flat and three-dimensional stamping.


Stainless steel is quite complex in the mechanical processing, in particular when machining with removal of chips — requires special tools, selection of cutting parameters and cutting fluid, mainly the difficulty in machining this creates a material property, such as high viscosity. The second is the high cost. Alloy stainless steel compared with carbon may be more expensive by almost five times. Of course that stainless steel is more expensive, however, if you take into account the period of service of not less than 25 years and counting, how much money will be spent for replacement or restoration of more cheap parts from the usual steel — get that stainless steel is still more cost-effective. However, at the initial stage costs will be still higher. And last — this is the reality of our time. Due to the high cost of alloy steels, they are often subjected to criminal attacks. Cases are known when the details of stainless steel were broken off, loosen, in General, acted in any way possible. There are cases when valuable design handed over in points of reception of metal.


Stainless steel is used almost everywhere where there is contact with corrosive environments where chemical resistance is required parts and mechanisms. It is primarily — food industry — manufacture of various containers, blades, stirrers, silos, conveyors, screws, wall ovens, etc. Requirements of sanitary norms and rules is unambiguous, and does not allow to use any other alloys. Best of all, the food industry has established itself austenitic stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. As a rule, in the food industry technological processes occur with excessive pressure and high temperature. And stainless steel well welded, highly resistant to cracking. In addition, the transportation of food products also require the use of — in particular — the transportation of milk, or flour. The electric power industry. All nuclear power plants, used alloy stainless steel, including high-temperature ones with special properties that can work in high temperatures, extreme pressures, ionizing radiation. In traditional power plants, which get energy by burning fuel, also used stainless steel, and often heat-resistant brand. Well, the HPP — here it is as the saying goes, God himself commanded — we are talking about the turbines, the blades are fully made of stainless steel. Chemical industry — this is where the true Kingdom of stainless steel. Various containers, pipes, tanks, reactors — all stainless steel. As types of chemical plants a lot, then the choice of a specific steel grade depends on the specific conditions of production, In practice, the metal often has to work in acidic or alkaline environment, often in the presence of sulfur, for example, in the production of washing powders. The pulp and paper industry uses not only stainless steel equipment. The bulk of this metal has in the pipeline. On average, the consumption of stainless steel just for this cost is 3 to 5 thousand tons annually. Transportation engineering. In this case we are talking about different containers for the transport of chemically active substances and substances dangerous for life and health of others, and represent an environmental hazard. The military and aerospace industry is an area of special steels, are often made to special order that and buy something impossible. This area is closed to ordinary companies, however, in connection with the growth of production sector of the military industrial complex in our country, there are cases when, defense plants give orders for manufacturing of parts made of special alloys to civilian enterprises. As a rule, together with steel enterprises transfer and processing technology. Household sector. Most of the decorative elements, in the kitchen, various utensils — spoons, forks, pots and plates can be manufactured from stainless steel.


The development of science and technology, new discoveries in the various branches of human activity are inextricably linked with the metal — as in the improvement process existing alloys and creating new ones. To understand all variety of metals and their scope is meant the science of metallography. She studies the structure of metals and alloys, as well as the structure of crystalline materials depend on their properties and characteristics.


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