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Kovar, Nilo sheet, strip

Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
29NK 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability
29NK-t 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability
29NK-m 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability


A hundred years ago nickel alloys were considered to be a rarity. Today, they have got the widest usage. Sheet and strip of grades Kovar, Nilo have next to nothing coefficient of linear expansion. Their conductance is three times as high as a conductance of invar. It is a magnetic alloy that consists of iron (54%), nickel (29%), and the rest constitutes cobalt. A presence of cobalt in a composition (17%) considerably increases cost of a material. A quality of sheet and strip is guaranteed by GOST 0994−74 and rigorous technology compliance of manufacture. Our managers are always ready to lend a knowledgeable assistance. A large assortment will not leave you without a choice. Connect us in a convenient way. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses of the closest company’s offices are located in section «Contacts». Order a service «Call-back» and our manager will help you to choose products that will meet your individual requirements.


Nickel plasticity gives a possibility to make V-door of micron thickness. Strip of Kovar, Nilo alloy is made according to GOST 15 515−70. It contains nickel, cobalt, iron, masteralloys of silicon, sulfur, stannum, mangan. As may be required by standards, its thickness is 0,05 — 2 mm with a fractional deviation 0,01 — 0,1 mm to the decreasing side. Its widths has to be 2,5 m with deviation +0,2 — 1 mm to the direction of widths increase. The length has to be not more than 30 cm. With a thickness of 0,1 — 0,5 mm, rolled metal can be manufactured with a length around 100 m at coordination with supplier. However, there will be present welding seams. In compliance with specified standards, a surface must be smooth and clean. A coil weight can constitute 0,5−18 kg (depending on thickness) with regard to one square meter of a production. There is a permissible existence of small defects on a surface of finished strip: indentation of transportation, scratch marks, color changing. They are permissible and depend on conditions of product keeping. A strip in a form of length can be called a band. It is the most common semi-fabricate.


It is used in medicine, physical, chemical researchers, manufacture of aircraft engine details. It is also broadly utilized in engineering industry, at manufacturing electrical appliances, heaters with stable characteristics and high resistance. Usually, there is used the thinnest strip or wire (5 — 25 microns of thickness) for such products.

Percentage composition GOST 10994−74

P S C Cr Ti Al Cu Si Mn Ni Co Fe
≤0.015 ≤0.015 ≤0,03 ≤0,1 ≤0,1 ≤0,2 ≤0,2 ≤0,3 ≤0,4 29 17−18


Physical characteristics of alloy

1/degree kg/m3 J/(kg/deg) V/(m/deg) MPa Оhm-m
20 10.7 8.2 - - 1.45 200


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