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Nichrome 60-15 wire

Nichrome 60-15


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Х20Н80 EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80-Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability


Nichrome 60−15 is a very consistent, flexible and unaffected by a corrosion alloy that consists of nickel and chrome. A wire is utilized in varistors, resistors and in nests of resistance for manufacturing a high-reliable electroheat equipment.

General characteristics

A wide application of nichrome 60−15 in many spheres of manufacturing can be explained with a combination of remarkable thermal resistance, good stainless property, mighty specific electrical resistance. A wire of the lowest diameter is notable for a strength. A high flow limit does not allow it to sag while heating. It firmly holds a leading position in domestic, industrial market of electrical equipment. A plasticity of this material gives an opportunity to utilize a flow forming. This is method is less energy-intensive.

Notably, these properties made a nichrome so popular in a resistor elements of heating units. Nichrome wire is easy to coil into a spiral. When a temperature rises it does not sag and has a density of 8.2 — 8.5 g / cm³. It means that it is enough lightweight in comparison with a tungsten filament. Nichrome wire is quite consistent. Even if it has the lowest diameter, it will stand huge mechanical loads and will resist an effect of aggressive chemical environment. In spite of a fact that price is very high, we have to consider a quality of obtained goods, their durability, reliability and a minimal necessity of a maintenance.


An ordinary diameter of alloy is 0,1 — 10 mm. An off-the-shelf wire is spooled or coiled. A price of such wire stays still quite high, as long as nickel is rather expensive metal. Nevertheless, a manufacturing and a consumption of nichrome wire are at a high level in many countries.


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