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Praseodymium metal

General characteristics

Praseodymium (Pr) is an element of the 3rd group of periodic chemical system. Atomic number is 59, atomic weight is 140.9. It relates to a group of lanthanides. It was invented by Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach in 1885. He managed to divide didymium (rare-earth metal that was previously taken for one element) into neodymium and praseodymium. A name of the last one is derived from Greek and means «twin» and «light-green». Content of this element in earth crust constitutes 9 g/t. It is obtained out of mixture of rare-earth elements. Praseodymium concentrates with other lightweight lanthanides (including neodymium) at extracting, chromatographic separating. After this, it is separated from others by electrolysis or metallic-thermal method at a temperature of 850 °C.

Physical properties of Pr

Description Identification
Atomic (molal) weight mole/h 140.9
Atomic number 59
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 903.8°С
Oxidation rate 4,3
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 12.5
Melting heat kJ/mole 11.3

Chemical properties

Praseodymium slowly oxidized n air. However, it can get inflamed at a powerful heating. By doing so, it forms a mixture of 3 or 4 — valent oxide. After firing of praseodymium in atmosphere of H2 or CH4, there is obtained Pr2 O3 oxide. Under a pressure of 10 MPa in O2 atmosphere, there is formed dioxide PrO2.


Praseodymium is used along with neodymium in manufacture of infra-red lasers with wave length of 1.05 µm and magnetic alloys. PrO2 oxide can impart a whitish-green color to a glass. Praseodymium mono-telluride in small quantities is used for regulation of resistant properties, electromotive force, strength of thermo-electric alloys on a basis of rare-earth elements with a coefficient of thermal electromotive force of 55 µV/K. Praseodymium alloy with germanium and silicon is superconducting material. Application of praseodymium in electric-vacuum devices allows increasing the efficiency of cathodes and magnetic cores. This metal is much-requested in medicine, manufacture of ceramics and for alloying of steel. Praseodymium salts improve process control of nuclear-magnetic resonance. Available mill-products: wire, rod, sheet.

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