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Strip, foil made of bronze


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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BrKMts3-1 C65500 CuSi3Mn1 Buy from stock, view availability
BrB2 2.1447 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability
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It is fairly possible that Achilles' legendary sword was forged out of beryllium bronze hardened strip.

General characteristics

Bronze strip is a solid profile of rectangular section made of tin or tinless bronze. Its properties directly depend on condition, percentage composition of materials, and mode of manufacture. GOST 1789−70 specifies tin-zinc rolled strips of grade CuSn4Zn3 and tin-phosphorous strips of grade 2.1020CuSn6. Tinless strips must be treated by high pressure according to GOST 175−78 18.


Bronze strip is very malleable. It can be manufactured by cold-rolling. By a level of accuracy, it may be standard or extra. By a condition of material, it can be half-hard, soft, hard, extra-hard. It becomes more consistent (on 30−40%) after thermohardening. By shape of a cross section, strip is manufactured of rectangular type. Content of major alloying elements is refelected in alloy marking.

Alloy grades

Bronze strip is manufactured out of cold-rolled aluminium-manganese, silicon-manganese, beryllium, chromium-zirconium (Cu-Cr-Zr), chromium (Cu-Cr), tin-phosphorus alloys. Most commonly used grades: CuSi3Mn1, CuBe2TiCu7Al, CuSn4n3, CuBe2, 2.1020CuSn6, CuBe2Mn, CuBeNiTi, CuSn7Fe1, CuSiMn, CuSnZnPb.
Manufacture of tin-zinc CuSn4Zn3 strips and tin-phosphorous alloy 2.1020CuSn6 is specified by GOST 1789−70; pressure treated tinless bronzes is specified by GOST 18 175−78. Sample capture for chemical composition is done according to GOST 24 231−80.

Bronze grade

Hardness HB -1

Melting point (°С) σv (MPa)
2.1020CuSn6 70−90 MPa 995° 400−800
CuSn4Zn3 150−170 MPa 1045° 430−880
CuSi3Mn1 70−150 MPa 1030° 350−760
CuBe2 130−150 MPa 995° 400−950

Note: A range σ in (MPa) is given for soft/hard alloy.


It possesses tensile strength, plasticity, flexibility, forgeability. Highly consistent bronze strip is made of grade CuBe2 (it contains 0,2−0,5% of Ni, up to 2% of Be). It is very popular not only because of its strength and elasticity, (which can be further improved by an additional heat treatment), but also for resistant to corrosion and great weldability. It is distinguished by high degree of strength and durability, thermal and electrical conductivity. Bronze strip CuBeNiTi2 is fairly resistant to corrosion and fracture at extreme temperatures. All beryllium bronzes can be easily treated by a pressure in a hardened condition. They can be cut and welded. Bronze strip CuSi3Mn1 possesses a high level of resistance to corrosion and spring-elastic properties. Tin alloys CuSn4n3, 2.1020CuSn6 are very reliable, malleable. They can be easily welded by pressure. All grades can be exposed to mechanical processing, including cutting, stamping, drilling, milling. High level of corrosion resistance, durability, high electrical and thermal conductivity make bronze strip much-requested in many fields of national economy.


It used for details of electrical engineering, corrosion-resistant equipment. Good electrical conductivity made such strip essential material for manufacturing of various connectors, strip conductors, jointers, electric motors, transformers, generators. It is used for erecting or repair works in building. Springs and other sensitive elastic elements for aircraft, automotive engineering, shipbuilding are made of highly elastic, highly stable at break and tensile alloys such as CuSi3Mn1.

Thickness, mm Grade of bronze strip Cost (1 kg)
0.01−2 CuBeNi1Ti9 Negotiated
0.1−0.2 2.1020CuSn6 ---«---
0.01−2 CuBe2 ---«---
0.01−2 CuSn4Zn3 ---«---
0.01−2 CuSi3Mn1 ---«---
GOST Range of products Marking Specifications
1761 Bronze strip CuBe, CuBe2, 2.1020CuSn6 0,1−4,0Х20−400Х800−2000


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