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Stainless and alloy steel


Stainless and alloy steels today comprise hundreds of different brands. They all have their main components iron, chromium and Nickel. In addition, the composition may include manganese, copper, titanium, vanadium and many others. Stainless and alloy steels are widely used in industry and in everyday life. The scope of this material are virtually limitless. In the segment of stainless and alloy steels company «Auremo» — the best supplier.

High-temperature steel

Unmatched properties of high-temperature Nickel-based alloys have become one of the main reasons for their successful application in various fields of human activity. Mainly we are talking about such indicators as:

creep resistance at high temperatures;

thermal stability;

long-term strength (in some cases can be treated fatigue strength).

Provide such qualities, the Nickel-based alloys not only by heat treatment, but also due to multicomponent alloying. High alloy steel contain more than 10% of alloying elements. For example, the alloy grade 20KH20N14S2 is composed of Nickel 12−15%, chromium 19 to 22%. As additives to the mixture is added manganese up to 1.5%, copper — 0.3%, silicon — 2−3%, carbon and titanium 0.2%, sulfur and phosphorus — thousandths.

Cu Si C Mn P Cr Ni S Ti Fe
≤0.3 mm 2−3 ≤0,2 ≤1,5 ≤0,035 19−22 12−15 ≤0,025 ≤0,2 Basis

Heat-resistant steel brands 20KH25N20S2 refers to difficult-doped alloys based on iron, is smelted in an induction furnace.

Structural alloys

The jet technique would be impossible without special heat-resistant alloys based on chromium and Nickel. Transport engineering are based on the use of such high-strength Nickel alloys. Of these alloys produce chemical reactors, tanks, boilers and crucibles with high resistance to corrosion. Nickel alloys play a crucial role in the construction of gas-turbine engines and nuclear boilers. They are used as high temperature protective sheaths for protection of the uranium rods from corrosion in nuclear reactors.

Inconel 600 — structural alloy based on Nickel

Cr Ni Cu Mn Si C S
14−17 43−44 0,5 1 0,5 0,15 0,015


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