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The Nickel-based alloys


Heat-resistant alloy of chrome and Nickel — nichrome H15N60, CR20NI80 indispensable in modern electrical engineering. The most popular composition of 80% Ni — CR20NI80, which until recently was the most heat-resistant materials. To reduce the cost of Narumov — a high percentage of Nickel was reduced by increasing the proportion of iron. The most successful was the composition of 15% Cr, 60% Ni and 25% Fe. The resistance of nicrmov higher than ferrochrome, so the latter is usually applied at a lower temperature. Ferrochrome and nichrome possess a rare combination of high electrical resistance (1,05−1,40 Омхмм2/m) and high heat resistance. So they, along with chromosme represent two of the most important class of alloys used in the form of a tape or wire in the manufacture of high temperature electric heaters. For those are usually used nichrome, doped to 1.5% silicon, rare-earth, alkaline-earth metals. The maximum operating temperature of Narumov of this type is approaching 1200 °C, and the number of brands to 1250 °C.


Alloy KH23JU5T also has a very high electrical resistance. and used in the same field as nichrome. But resistant is a cheaper iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, and nichrome — expensive chrome-Nickel…

Comparative characteristics

H15N60, CR20NI80 combine heat resistance with good processability (can be laminated in foil, very thin wire). Such alloys are more heat resistant than resistant, however, unlike the latter, contain expensive and scarce Nickel. Resistant much cheaper, has a high heat resistance, but it is more fragile and, therefore, less technological (can not roll out in a very thin strip, wire).


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