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Busbar, band made of brass

Busbar, band

General characteristics

Brass band (busbar) is made out of deformable alloys. There are used different compositions that can be either two-component or multicomponent (made of a few metals). Typically, band is rolled by cold method because brass possesses perfect softness and viscosity. In order to avoid internal stress at cold rolling, bands must be exposed to final annealing. They must be slowly heated up to 220−240 °С and then cooled.

Brass band, busbar CuZn37 (2.0321)

Cu Zn Pb% Fe% P % Sb and Bi
62−65% 34,22−37,5% ≤ 0.07% ≤ 0.2% ≤ 0.01% 0,005% and 0,002%

Brass band, busbar CuZn20 (2.0250)

Cu Zn Pb% Fe% P % Sb and Bi
79−81% 18,7−21% ≤ 0.03% ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.01% 0,005% and 0,002%

Quality standards

Brass band is made out of special alloys with adding of various residual elements. Dimensions are specified by GOST. For example, a maximum length of brass band must not exceed two meters. Band must not have outer defects, microcracks, depressions. If they are present, a surface must be smoothed. But if damage area exceeds 4 sq. sm. per every 20 cm. of length, the lot must to be rejected. According to GOST, brass band is divided into soft, hard, semi-hard and extra hard types depending on applied alloy. While cutting band on fixed measures, ends must be cut at a right angle. Bending along band side must not be higher than 1 cm. per 1 meter.


Material must withstand pressure of 30−35 kg/sq. mm. While burst testing, a tensile point must not exceed 5%. Metal grains must fall inside the limits of 0.02−0.09 mm. One more type of testing is circular hole punching and extrusion of caps of different sizes. At that, a quantity of defects must not exceed 1%.


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