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Fecral strip Cr23Al5Ti

Fecral strip Cr23Al5Ti


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Kh23Yu5T 1.4765 Buy from stock, view availability
X15Yu5 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability
X13Y4 EI60 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability

Advantages of eurofecral

— a high real resistance, mechanical strength;
— an increased resistance against an oxide formation, a thermal fatigue, an oxide scale at a temperature of 1200ºС;
— a great corrosive resistance on air, in a vacuum and oxidizing environments;

The main field of use: in kilns, resistor elements, high-temperature furnaces, industrial tubular heating elements and heaters.

Name Material ASTM UNS name
CrAl 20 5 1.4725 В 603 II B*

K 92 400

Chemistry, (%)

Fe Al Cr C Si Mn Cu Ti Ni Other Rare earth elements
Basis 4.6−5.8 21.0- 23.5 Max. 0.05 Max. 0.6



--- Max 0.6 Max, 0.6 Zr, Max. 0.3


Mechanical characteristics t°20°C

Percentage extension Number of bowings

> 5 times

Physical characteristics t°20°C

Hardness Density Electrical resistivity Breaking load Maximum working temperature Magnetism Melting point (ºС)
200−260 HB 7.1 гр/см³ 1.40 Ohm-mm2/m 637−784 m/Pа 1300 ºС Magnetic 1500 ºС

Life cycle

Diameter Temperature Service
Cross-section. 6,0 mm and more t° 1200°С over 3500 h
Cross-section 3,0−6,0 mm t° 1150°С over 1800 h
Cross-section 1,5−3,0 mm t° 1100°С over 1800 h
Cross-section 0,4−1,5 mm t° 1000°С

over 900 h

Operating life

Cr23Al5T is an ideal alloy with an excessive specific real resistance (1,20−1,30 Ohm-mm2/m) which combine a heat resistance up to 1450 °C. It is claimed to be indispensable at temperature extremes. These properties allow using this alloy extensively while manufacturing heating units. It has a perfect corrosive resistance on air, in argon, in a vacuum, oxidizing, sulfur-containing and carboniferous environments. It shows not a very high relative density (7,2 g/cm3), but it has a great flow limit.


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