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Solder POS-90


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Technical characteristics

Used for tin plating and soldering of radio equipment, printed circuit boards, precision devices with high-sealed seams not be overheating of parts, for example, when the compound is quite thin wires. The high content of tin in POS90 lowers the melting temperature of the solder. The choice of solder composition depends on the type of the connected metals from the soldering temperature limits for the soldering process and the subsequent operation, the weight and dimensions of the connecting elements, the required corrosion resistance etc.

The.the float, in degrees UD.weight in g/cm3 UD.El.sopr. in мк0м*m on. when Rastas. In MPa
183 Solidus, Liquidus 190 8,5 0,139 4,3

Among other tin-lead alloys solders, this gives an increased level of purity of the soldered connections and designed for mounting critical devices.

The percentage composition of (GOST 21930−76)
Fe Ni S Al Cu As Pb Zn Sb Bi Sn
≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.002 ≤0.05 ≤0.01 8.826 — 11 ≤0.002 ≤0.05 ≤0.1 89 — 91

Put POS90 in the form of ingots, wire cross-section 1−1,4 mm and 3−5 mm or a rod with a cross section of 8−15 mm… product Availability and quick delivery provide with offices located Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the cities of Eastern Europe.


Tinning and brazing of internal joints food utensils and medical apparatus; installation of electrical equipment.


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