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Circle, sheet, wire, tube 15Х5М (Х5М)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
15X5M X5M 1.7362 501 X12CrMo5 Buy from stock, view availability


Grade 15Х5М is a high-alloy heat-resistant steel used for parts operating in the unloaded state at high temperatures of 900-1000°C. It belongs to the group of austenitic-ferritic alloys. As compared to austenitic grades - this steel has higher rates of reliability and resistance to intergranular corrosion and greater resistance to corrosion cracking in alkaline and chloride environments.

Composition and advantages

Stainless steel pipe of 15X5M grade (according to GOST 5632-72) contains iron as a major component and about 4.5-6% chromium. This alloy is also alloyed with silicon and manganese at 0.5%. Molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and copper additives do not exceed 1.5% in total, vanadium 0.05%, carbon 0.15%, titanium 0.03%. Alloying enhances heat resistance and makes it possible to produce the most critical parts. When choosing heat-resistant steel, in case of unstable working conditions, it is possible to change this steel grade to another one with lower carbon content. This steel has balanced characteristics regarding heat resistance and heat resistance, which makes it very popular. Welding requires preheating to a temperature of 100-120°C with a final heat treatment of the seams. The use of durable stainless pipes saves money and time for maintenance and repair. A significant advantage is that there is no need for paint and varnish protective coating of pipes.

Percentages composition 15Х5М, Х5М (GOST 5632-72)

C Si V W Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti Mo S P Fe Impurities
≤0,15 0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,3 4,5-6 ≤0,2 0,45-0,6 ≤0,6 ≤0.03 0,45-0,6 0,025 0,03 Basis ≤0,3


This steel grade withstands service temperatures of up to 1000 °C in the petrochemical, gas processing and mechanical engineering industries. Additives of chromium, molybdenum and tungsten provide high resistance to gas corrosion.


Pipes can be manufactured as seamless - solid drawn and by welding - electrically welded. Depending on the type of pipe surface, they may appear in catalogs as mirror (polished), polished or matt. Production of a circle made of this steel grade is made by stamping the metal to a specific given shape. Cuts made of this steel can be used in the form of forgings, i.e. intermediate billets for a variety of products.


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