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Wire, bar, rod, pipe made of AISI304L


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
03X18N10M2G EI842 304 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

AISI304L steel is heat-resistant steel of austenitic class. Except for nickel and chrome, it consists of silicon, copper, titanium, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur. An alloying has to be done for increasing workable features (a heat-resistance, a resistance to corrosive environment). This steel is smelted in open arc furnace. Temperature of hot-processing is 1200 °C at the beginning and 850 °C at the end of process. According to the first pattern, there must be done a cooling in water, in oil, or in air. According to the second pattern, the cooling is done with a help of water with further holding of products (3 — 4.5 hours). Bar and rod are made with a help of hot-rolling and design. It must be done for making an accurate outer diameter. Welding is performed with a help of such electrodes as OK 61.30, RDS with wire KTS, 02H19N9, ESR.

Percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5832−72

Ni C Mn Fe Cr P Si S
9,5 — 11 ≤ 0,03 ≤ 2 Basis 17 — 19 ≤ 0,035 ≤ 0,8 ≤ 0,02


It is used for parts of furnace accessories, tubes, connecting pieces, mufflers, retorts, electrodes of spark plugs, exhaust-system manifolds, industrial chemical tanks and welding devices that operate up to a temperature of 600 °C in moderate active environments. It can be utilized in manufacture of dairy products, beer, food industry.

AISI304L pipe can long operate in temperature range of 600−650°C. It is applied in manufacture of disk and runners. If the pipe heats to more than 850 °C, it covers with oxide scale. This steel is intended for manufacture of water-gas supply pipes that are used in manufacturing building for supply of gas, water and installation of heating system. Pipe can be made of different thread types or without it at all. Rod is used manufacture of different fasteners and stainless metallic constructions.

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