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Sheet made of copper


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
M1 Cu-DHP Buy from stock, view availability


Copper sheets differ with workability, high plasticity, relatively not high price. They can be cut, drilled, bent, polished, brazed and welded with any method. They have high level of electric and heat conductivity. They are resistant to effect of soil and atmospheric moisture, to temperature gradient, to effect of chemicals. Such sheet is fire-resistant and fireproof. Besides, it has aesthetic appearance and differs with easiness of installation, long operations use, and harmlessness. All these properties make it much-requested material. After utilization, copper is usually used the second time.


Copper flat products are manufactured according to GOST 495−92 out of grades 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12500 — Cw006a, C14200. Chemical composition is specified by GOST 859−2001. A sample capture for inspection of chemical composition complies with GOST 24 231−80. Copper sheet can be made in soft of hard state. Each of them possesses its advantages and has additional application field. Finished products have rectangular cross-section without edge delaminations. They have clean, straight cut surface, without fins. Copper mill-products undergo tests after heat treatment. Annealing increase plasticity and workability. Cold deformation conduces to raising of hardness.


Copper sheet is used at making of roofing materials, elements of decoration, wind instrument, heat-exchange systems, power capacitors etc. SF-Cu, Cu-DHP grades perfectly suit for roof finishing because they can be easily treated. Such sheets perfectly converse heat inside the house and can withstand adverse effect of environment.
Copper sheet is a unique roofing material. There is given a warranty on material that lasts not less than 100 years. It has high level of corrosive resistance. With the passing of time, it is just covered with oxide film. It is indispensable in electrical engineering, industrial chemistry, shipbuilding, motor-vehicle engineering. Copper is ecologically harmless so that it is much-requested for water supply, manufacture of utensils, elements of everyday life.

Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Price for 1 kg
О, 5−6О Copper sheets of grade C14200 6ООx15ОО Negotiated
1О-8О Copper sheets of grade 2.0090 (Cw008a) hot-rolled 6ООx15ОО Negotiated
О, 5−12 Copper sheets of grade 2.0090 (Cw008a) hard and soft 6ООx15ОО Negotiated
О, 5−6О Copper sheets of grade C14200 6ООx15ОО Negotiated

By method of manufacture, copper mill-products can be cold-rolled, hot-rolled or drawn.

Packaging, transportation, storing and temporary corrosion prevention are made according to GOST 9.510−93.

Copper sheet GOST TC Marking Chemical composition Cutting
Cold-rolled 495 48 -21−664 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12000 (C12200), C12500 — Cw006a, SF-Cu, C14200, C14200 (M3p) 859 2,5−4, Ох600−700x1000−2000
Hot-rolled 767 48−081О-2О9, 48−21−81, 48−21−5045, 48−21−427, 48−21−517. Cu-DHP, 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12000 (C12200), C12500 — Cw006a, SF-Cu, C14200, C14200 (M3p). 859 0.4−10x600−3200x1000−3500

Types of copper rod

Manufacturing method Accuracy (width, length) Length Material



up to 10 m

cold-deformed (drawn)

extra-accuracy across the width

standard by 2 parameters

extra-accuracy across the length

extra by 2 parameters

specific multiple cut







Hot-rolled mill-products can be made of length up to 10 m; cold-rolled is usually are delivered in coils.

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