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Wire made of copper


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Copper wire possesses high plasticity, heat and electrical conductivity. It is relatively cheap, very workable. It is easy to cut, to bend, to braze with any method, to weld, to draw. Copper wire is resistant to effect of soil or atmospheric moisture, and to temperature gradient from +250 to -200°C. After recovery, it is usually used for the second time. It is easy to insert. Besides, this harmless wire has aesthetic appearance and is characterized by durability. All these properties make it exceptionally efficient at application.


It has relatively low strength if to compare with steel mill-products.

Copper wire 2.0090 — Cw008a

2.0090 — Cw008a grade is manufactured of soft and solid type. Each of those has its advantages, field of application. Copper wire 2.0090 — Cw008a is made of round cross-section out of primary copper of high quality. There is contained the minimum quantity of residual elements. This increases its operational characteristic. Annealing increases plasticity and workability. Cold deformation conduces to rising of hardness.

Diameter of copper wire, mm Unit measure of products Copper wire price
0,4 ÷ 5 kg negotiated
0,5 ÷ 5 kg negotiated
0,5 ÷ 5 kg negotiated


Manufacture is done out of such alloys as 2.0090 — Cw008a, C12500 — Cw006a, copper content of which are 99.9%, 99.7% on continuous cast and roll mill. Chemical composition is specified by GOST 859/2001. A sample capture for chemical composition is done according to GOST 24 231/80. Manufacture of copper wire for rivets is performed according to TC 48−21−456/2006; manufacture of cryogenic thermocouple — GOST 22 666/77; manufacture of electrotechnics — TC 16.705.492/2005. All mill-products have clean surface, with standard quality of fineness and without annealing color.

At fineness of copper cores, there is used nickel. Resulting wire is resistant to effect of very high and low temperatures, to oxidizing and corrosion. It can withstand t° up to 750 °C. There can be manufactured multicore high-quality cable for aviation, space, telecommunication, defence industries. It is requested in manufacture of fuse plug and spark ignition lead. Every year more than ten tons of metric copper wires are cladded with silver and nickel.


Used in building, electric power industry, mechanical engineering, consumer and printing industries. Copper wire is used in manufacture of wire cable, contact wires, decorative elements, rivets, cryogenic thermocouple. Used also in textile, footwear industry, for example in manufacture of small copper tacks, pins, findings. It is indispensable in telecommunication network, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding. This wire is requested in manufacture of transformer coils, electric motor, spark ignition leads, plug fuses. High plasticity and easiness of installation significantly simplify solving of electrotechnical tasks. Copper wire is more efficient at manufacture of electric wire because it is more consistent than aluminium wire. It also has a lower electrical resistivity that allows using thinner and lighter copper wires for the same strength of current and stress.

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Thermocouple cold-deformed wire (GOST 22 666/77)

Wire cross-section Wire thickness Wire width Grade Chemical composition of wire Unit-area resistance of wire
Rectangular cross section 0,5 ÷ 12,5 mm 2 ÷ 35 mm not less than 2.0090 — Cw008a According to GOST 859/78 less than 0,1 724*106 Оhm*m (less than 20°С)