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Aluminum tires, strips

The tire (strip)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
АД0 1011 Buy from stock, view availability
АД31 6063 ~3.3206 AlMg0.7Si Buy from stock, view availability
АД31Т Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristic

Aluminum tire has form of solid planar section with the about 3 millimeters. Its properties depend from material condition, its chemical composition and manufacturing method. Aluminum tire has corrosion durability, plasticity and high electrical conduction. Minimal impurity guarantees optimal consumer properties. To high up quality of strength, we apply thermal treatment and cold deformation. Varietal rolling perfectly is treating by cutting and welding by different ways.


  • Classification of tire by material condition:
  • — Naturally worn out.
  • — Hard-drawn (AlMg0.7Si)
  • — Hot-pressed (without thermal treating)

After the thermal treating, tests are carrying out. It is important, that microstructure mustn’t have any heat marks. Unvarnished aluminum channel sections are distinguished by type of manufacturing. Surface has standard quality of finishing, normal lasting and accuracy of manufacture.

Area of application

Aluminum tire has wide application in building and engineering industry. They are used for creation decorative and structural details. Despite this they are also used in manufacture of finishing elements for planes, cars and interior house. Due to high electrical and thermal conduction, no magnetization and plasticity of aluminum tires, they’re used in electric energy industry, in switchgears, hard conductors and busbar assembly. It must be noted non toxicity of material and its ability for long working in different conditions, sometimes even in extreme situations.

Aluminum tire ENAW-1050A

Settings (mm) GOST Price
3х40 22233−2001 By agreement
4х40 ------------------ ------------------
5х40 ------------------ ------------------
6х80 22233−2001 ------------------
8х60 ------------------ ------------------
10x80 ------------------ ------------------

Aluminum tire AlMg0.7Si

Settings GOST Price
3х25 22233−2001 By agreement
4х40 ------------------ ------------------
5х60 22233−2001 ------------------
6х60 ------------------ ------------------
8х80 22233−2001 ------------------
10x120 ------------------ ------------------

The supplier

The supplier «Auremo» offers to buy aluminum tire and stripe in bulk or in installment. There is great choice of semi manufactures on storage. There is conformity of GOST and international standards of quality. The aluminum tire and stripe there are always in availability, the price is optimal from the supplier. We’re waiting for your orders. You can buy the aluminum rod today. For wholesale customer the price is preferential.

Buy at a competitive price

The supplier 'Auremo' offers to buy aluminum tire and stripe by the best price. We have great choice of aluminum tire in segments of measured and unmeasured length with aluminum alloys AlMg0.7Si, ENAW-1050A and others (GOST- 22233−2001, chemical composition GOST4784−97). The control of chemical structure is performed by GOST 24231−80. Company 'Auremo' guarantees strict abidance of standards during manufacture process. Storage, packing, transportation and antitrust protection are tapped relatively to GOST 9.510−93. There are always experienced managers on binding. They can promptly help you to buy rolled aluminum in bulk or in installment. We have the best price-quality relationship.