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Aluminum bar, strip

Tire (bar)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
AD0 1011 Buy from stock, view availability
AD31 6063 3.3206 AlMg0.7Si Buy from stock, view availability
AD31T Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Aluminum bar has the appearance of a solid flat profile with a thickness of 3 mm or more. Its properties depend on the condition of the material, its chemical composition, as well as the method of production. Aluminum bar has a corrosion resistance, ductility, high electrical conductivity. The minimum amount of impurities guarantees optimal consumer properties. To increase the strength, we use heat treatment or cold deformation. Sections are perfectly machinable by cutting, and also welded by different methods.

Classification .

1. Classification of tire by material condition:

- Naturally aged.

- Tempered (AD31T).

- Hot-pressed (without heat treatment).

Upon completion of the heat treatment, testing is carried out. It is important that after hardening the microstructure of the products did not have traces of burnout. According to the method of production, uncoated aluminum channel bars are distinguished. The surface has a standard quality finish, normal strength and precision manufacturing.

Area of application

Aluminum bars have a wide application in construction, mechanical engineering. They are used to create decorative or structural parts, are used in the production of elements of the finishing of aircraft, machines, the interior of buildings. Due to the fact that aluminum bars have high electrical as well as thermal conductivity, non-magnetic and plasticity, they are used in the power industry in switchgear, rigid busducts and busbar assemblies. It should also be noted the non-toxicity of the material and its ability to last under any environmental conditions, sometimes close to the extreme.

Aluminum busbar AD0.

Parameters (mm) GOST Price
3х40 22233-2001 Contractual
4х40 --- "--- --- "---
5х40 --- "---
--- "---
6х80 22233-2001 --- "---
8х60 --- "--- --- "---
10x80 --- "--- --- "---

Aluminum bus bar AD31, AD31T

Parameters (mm) GOST Price
3х25 22233-2001 Contractual
4х40 --- "--- --- "---
5х60 22233-2001 --- "---
6х60 --- "--- --- "---
8х80 22233-2001 --- "---
10x120 --- "--- --- "---


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