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Circle, sheet, wire, tube 20Х3МВФ (ei415, ei579)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
20Х3IMF EI415 Buy from stock, view availability
20Х3IMF EI579 Buy from stock, view availability


Steel grade 20Х3МВФ (ЭИ415) is one of the complex-alloyed heat-resistant alloys, which contains chromium - 2,8-3,3%, molybdenum - 0,35-It contains chromium - 2,8-3,3%, molybdenum - 0,35- 0,5%, manganese - 0,25-0,5%, vanadium - 0,6-0,85%, copper and carbon - 0,2%, silicon - up to 0,37%, the additive sulfur and phosphorus - a hundredth of a percent. The purpose of alloying is to increase technological properties of products: heat and heat resistance, resistance to aggressive environments. The hot deformation of semi-finished products begins at 1150-1180°C and ends at around 850°C. Tubes are hardened at 1200 °C in water or in air. The bars are hardened in air at 1050-1150 °C.

The percentage composition of the alloy

C Si V W Cr Cu Mn Ni Mo S P Fe
0,15-0,23 0,17-0,37 0,6-0,85 0,3-0,5 2,8-3,3 ≤0,2 0,25-0,5 ≤0,3 0,35-0,5 ≤0,025 ≤0,03 Basis


This steel alloyed with chrome, molybdenum and silicon is capable of withstanding contact with aggressive media, as these substances form protective oxide films on the surface during heating. The pipe is designed for light loads, in particular in various power installations and heating devices. Tubes and circles of grade 20Kh3MVF are used in the production of parts of slot furnaces for high-speed firing of ceramic tiles, flat household ceramics and other ceramic products. 20Kh3MVF grade wire is used in conveyor kiln grids. Pipe is used in parts of burner devices. It is in demand in the manufacture of electric thermocouple covers because it has the peculiarity not to contaminate thermocouple electrodes and ensures reliable protection when working in hazardous conditions. Tube 20X3MVF can withstand temperatures of 1250-1300°C for a long time. Therefore it is used for internal combustion engines, for parts of steam and gas turbines, jet engines, nuclear power plants as a construction material.

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