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Plate made of copper

Copper plate


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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Copper plate can be used in a form of blank in mechanical engineering or metal-processing industry. It is caused by a number of advantages: high workability can be easily drilled, cut, milled, pressed, welded and brazed with any method. Copper plate possesses such properties as electric conductivity, resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and cryogenic temperatures up to +250°С. Despite a low cost, it if fire-resistant and fireproof. One more merit is availability to use copper secondly after utilization. Copper plate is very popular in modern manufacture. It is caused by its aesthetic appearance, easiness of installation, long operational use, harmlessness for human.


To the demerits of copper can be included an inability to withstand heavy loads. In comparison with other metals, copper is inferior to them in strength.


Copper plate type Grade TC Cutting Chemical composition
Cold-rolled С11500, С11400, С11600, 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12000, C12500 — Cw006a, SF-Cu

1844−027−58 825 515, 1844−026−58 825 515 10−150x600−3200x1000−3500 GOST 859
Hot-rolled С11400, 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12000, C12500 — Cw006a, SF-Cu 48−0810−209, 48−21−517, 48−21−5045, 48−21−427, 48−21−81 26−100x250−1300x1000x3500 GOST 859

Types of copper plate

By manufacturing method By length and width By dimensions By metal state By machine processing





extra accuracy

standard accuracy



specific multiple



extra hard





Copper plate is always made of rectangular shape.


Copper plate is used in mechanical engineering, energetics, medicine, food industry. It is often used as a blank for building and decorative constructions. Copper plates are used in shipbuilding because of high corrosive resistance. They are also utilized in electrical engineering for transformer, generators, non-magnetic equipment. Copper plates are also used in architecture and sculpture, for example when decorating interiors and building fronts or when manufacturing indicators, sigh-plates, tablets.

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