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European electrode made of tungsten


Welding process presumes application of electrodes (European, domestic or International Standards). Electrodes are manufactured out of tungsten because refractory metals provide high reliability of welding joints due to high welding temperature. Every tungsten electrode has color marking in order to prevent confusion. Tungsten joints with oxides of lanthanum, cerium, yttrium and zirconium are widely used in welding, electroplating, manufacture of accumulators and other appliances.

Application of European electrodes

Tungsten electrode of grades WP, WL-20, WC-20, WT-20, WZ8, WY-20 is widely used in arc welding in atmosphere of inert gas. There are used WIG, GTA electrodes for Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG-welding). It can be semi-automatic, automatic, or arc manual in protective atmosphere. There are used inert argon, helium, active oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and their mixtures (Не+ Аr, О2+ Аr, СО2+ Аr).

WL-20 tungsten electrode (contains lanthanum oxide additive up to 2,2%) has facile arc sparking, facile repeated kindling, very stable arc, off-chance burn-through. Loading capacity of electrode and maximum voltage increases half as much while working with alternate current. In comparison to grades WT-20, WC-20 (with thorium and cerium additives), lanthanum grades are more durable. They have a smaller wearing problem of tips and contamination of welding seam. Lanthanum oxide can keep initial grinding at equilibrium distribution in electrode.

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