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Sheet made of titanium

Sheet made of titanium


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
WT1−0 Buy from stock, view availability
BT20 Buy from stock, view availability
OT4 Buy from stock, view availability


It possesses non-magnetization, heat-resistance, resistance to corrosion and contact with moisture and aggressive environment, resistance to deformation, minimal heat conduction, good workability, plasticity and weldability. These advantages bring it to the forefront of modern technologies and science. Titanium sheet is resistant to fatigue load and effect of soil or atmospheric moisture. It is used in condition of cryogenic cooling. Its surface covers with a consistent protective oxynitride film when reacting with atmospheric gasses. Due to a biological inertness, it is used in food industry and medicine. High heat resistance, strength-to-density ratio, corrosive resistance make it the main material among bearing materials.


The only demerit is its high self-cost. Due to unique properties, titanium requires heavy expenses at manufacturing. However, despite its high cost, this metal is much-requested in modern industry,


It is hard to imagine modern gas output and petrochemical industries, process industries without using titanium sheet. VT grade is used in manufacture of details that work at a temperature up to +450°С. It is an indispensable material in chemical industry, rocket engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, mechanical engineering. A grade VT6 possesses non-magnetization, high strength-to-density ratio, corrosive and heat resistance (up to +450°С). Such properties give advantages in instrument engineering, aircraft manufacture (when making fuselages, frameworks, landing gears, fasteners, pylon mechanisms, wings, engine details, hydraulic actuators; in rocket engineering (fasteners, skin coverings). Due to its resistance in sea water, in shipbuilding, there are made various propeller screws, platings, heat exchangers out of this alloy. Titanium sheet of OT family is used in NAVY, aviation, chemical industry, mechanical engineering. Its surface must be absolutely ideal — without scallops, flaws, roughness. Sheet of grade OT-4 that has aluminium and magnesium masteralloys can withstand a temperature of +350°С during 2000 hours. It relates to wrought alloys. Stamping is performed in cold condition.


It is easy to weld with an electron-beam, argon-arc and contact methods of welding.

Sheet of grade 2

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
6 mm 800x2000 mm, 700x2000 mm, 1000x2000 mm kg negotiated
6 mm 950x1830 mm, 950x1760 mm, 950x1880 mm, 960x1285 mm, 950x1915 mm kg — «-
1.5 mm 1000x2000 mm kg — «-
3 mm 425x1480 mm, 380x1220 mm kg — «-
3 mm 1000x2000 mm, 950x2270 mm, 1000x2210 mm, 1030x2470 mm, 1040x2520 mm, 1020x2490 mm, 1050x2000 mm, 1050x2500 mm, 1050x2220 mm, 1070x2480 mm, 1090x2335 mm, 1070x2520 mm kg — «-
3 mm 430x1360 mm kg — «-
4 mm 1000x2000 mm kg — «-
4 mm 450x1240 mm kg — «-
5 mm 1000x2000 mm kg — «-
6 mm 1000x2000 mm kg — «-

Sheet of gost VТ20

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
2,5 mm 600x2000 mm kg — «-

Sheet of gost ОТ4

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
0,8 mm 600x2000 mm kg — «-


Sheets of grades 1,2 with a thickness of not more than 2 mm are made with a length up to 2 m. If a length constitutes from 1 to 5 m, a thickness will be bigger — from 10.5 mm. They are manufactured in annealed condition. After that, they must be ironed, flattened, cut at an angle of 90°. Sheet edge must not have gross fins. Surface must not have laminations, flaws, tears, scallops, oxide scale. It must be pickled as well. Bars made of alloys grade 5Eli, gost VТ-20, grade 6 with a thickness from 6 to 10.5 mm are manufactured with a consideration of further cutout without fine edge turning. Chemical composition of mill-products complies with GOST 19 807−74, ОСТ 1 90 013−81. Sample capture and preparation are compliant with GOST in order to define chemical composition.

Supply pattern Length Diameter Widths Thickness  
Titanium sheet 700 — 2000 mm   700−1000 0 3−15  
Titanium rod 500−5000 mm 12 φ- 300 mm      
Titanium wire   0.5 — 6 mm      
Supply pattern Length, mm Wall, мм External diameter Note
Titanium pipe 1000−5000 0,3−10 2 — 90 mm A weight of one pipe must not exceed 200 kg.


It keeps in indoor warehouse at particular temperature conditions. It garantees a protection from various mechanical and other damages.

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