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Duralumin round, wire, tube D16T


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Duralumin, which appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. Named for the small industrial German town where it was first produced at the metallurgical plant. Alfred Wilm, a German engineer — Metallurgist opened up the possibility of five-time hardening aluminum. For this, he added to it with 4% copper and tempered alloy obtained with the subsequent 5-day exposure.


What the marks: D16T? D — aluminum, 16 — the average content of magnesium in tenths of a percent, T — heat treatment, to increase the strength characteristics of metal subjected to hardening and natural ageing. Dural semi-finished products are labeled in the following way. normal plating — A plating technology — B, replacerange not have additional designations. The quality of finish standard, durability and precision manufacturing is normal. Allocate as material: hot-pressed without additional heat treatment, and hardened and naturally aged — T Products which are subjected to hardening, must not have signs of burnout. After the heat treatment of duralumin samples tested. Duralumin tube looks like hollow profile of different sections. GOST 18482−79, 18475−82, 23697−79 reglamentary manufacture of pipes of alloy D16. GOST 4784−97 standardized chemical composition.

The percentage composition of (GOST 4784−97)

Fe Si Mn Cr Ti Al Cu Mg Zn Ti+Zr Impurities
≤0.5 ≤0.5 0.3 — 0.9 ≤0.1 ≤0.15 90.9 — 94.7 3.8 — 4.9 1.2 — 1.8 ≤0.25 ≤0.2 ≤ 0.15

The basic qualities

Duralumin semi — plastic, light-weight, very easy to weld by spot welding,. To achieve corrosion resistance of the material, its planiruet pure aluminum. The greater hardness of the material obtained by cold deformation and ductility and machinability is achieved through annealing. Duralumin semi-finished products compared with steel are lighter, last longer, cheaper.

— the hardness of the material up to 42 MPa;

— the limit of the working temperature up to 230 °C;

— tensile strength of 440 MPa;

— yield strength is 300 MPa.

It is worth to note that the elongation after fracture can reach 20%.


For reliable lightweight duralumin sheet and rolled iron is indispensable. When you create a food machinery, frames of high-speed trains, planes, automobiles — it’s very popular. Duralumin tube is often used for fragments of facades, laying of pipelines for special purposes. Duralumin tube is necessary for the manufacturers of oil equipment. Its performance ensures uninterrupted use of the well for 8 years. Duralumin pipe and sheet demand in the automotive and aerospace industries, is almost indispensable in the manufacture of road signs, billboards. No less popular on the market uses duralumin wire, its main consumers — fuel and chemical industry. To improve the corrosion resistance of duralumin rental usually planiruyut, and for pipe — used oxidation and inorganic inhibitors.

Duralumin pipe. Supply

Mark Wall thickness in mm Diameter in mm Price per meter p.
Д16АТ, Д16БТ 1 — 12 From 6 to 155 negotiable
D16T 1 — 12 From 6 to 155 negotiable
D16 1 — 12 From 6 to 155 negotiable

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