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Beryllium copper (Cu2Be) sheet, strip

Sheet, strip (foil)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
BrB2 2.1447 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability


Beryllium copper strip Cu2Be is virtually the most requested semi-fabricate of bronze alloy. As long as beryllium is present in a composition, strip is characterized by increased strength and conductivity. By shape, it is a strip with rectangular section and length of up to 0,5 m.

Method of manufacture and marking:

— cold-rolling;

— hot-rolling.

Marking, by a condition of mill-products:

— soft;

— hard.

By length:

— specified;

— multiple to specific;

— random.

Percentage composition according to GOST 18175 -78

Element Content
Cu 96.9 — 98
Pb ≤ 0,005
Be 1.8 — 2.1
Fe ≤ 0,15
Si ≤ 0,15
Ni 0.2 — 0.5
Al ≤ 0,15

Mill-products of this alloy possess corrosion resistance, high strength, high levels of elasticity, conductivity, weldability. They differ with good workability during machining, resistance to aggressive environment.

Mechanical characteristics (temperature is 20°С)

Range of sizes GOST σv (MPa) sT (MPa) δ5 (%)
Soft band 1789−70 390−590   20−30
Hard band ---«--- 590−930   2,5
Soft sheet 1789−70 400−600 196−344 40−50
Hard sheet ---«--- 600−950 588−930 2−4


Application of alloy grade Cu2Be is specified by GOST 1761−92. Bronze mill-products of this grade are broadly used due to a perfect combination of merits: chemical, electrical and physical. Foil is widely used in instrument engineering, electricity, chemical industry. Properties can be improved with a help of additional alloy treatment. Beryllium copper sheets are used for a manufacture of elastic elements and details, which have good resistance to rupture and tensile.

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