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Rod, wire, strip, sheet, pipe made of silicon brasses

Technical characteristics

Nickel and silicon additions to brasses increase its strength characteristics. While melting, intermetallide of silicon and nickel solute in brass. If temperature constitutes 850 — 550 °C, Ni2 Si miscibility decreases. Its dispersion particles crystallize and strengthen the alloy. Quenching and ageing increase strength and hardness (almost 3 times as much in comparison with annealed alloy) even more. At that, it keeps plasticity and good processability in cold state.

Cu Si Fe Pb As Zn
80 — 83 3.5 — 4.5 up to 0.2 up to 0.3 0.03 — 0.06 Rem


Chrome and cobalt alloying has the same effect on silicon brass as nickel has. However, dispersive solidification of alloy is notably lower in this case. Zinc additive (up to 1%) optimizes workable characteristics of silicon brasses. Tin additive (up to 0,5%) significantly increases corrosion resistance whereas in contrast iron decreases it. That is why iron content must not exceed 0.3% in silicon brasses in order to do a pressure treatment. Detrimental impurities in such brass are considered to be phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, plumb, sulfur. Aluminium alloying increases hardness and strength of silicon brass, but it obstructs welding and brazing.

Heat treatment

Bright annealing is recommended to do in water vapour. Oxide films, which appear at annealing on semi-fabricates' surface, can be removed by pickling treatment with weak solution of sulfuric acid at room temperature.

Corrosion resistance

Perfect corrosion resistance of silicon brass has made it much-requested in marine industry, agriculture and petroleum chemistry. This alloy is resistant to effect of:
— atmospheric moisture;
— seawater;
— cold and hot solutions of sulfur acids and alkalis;
— cold solutions of organic and hydrochloric acids;
— sulphate and chlorides of lightweight metals. It is resistant in atmosphere of dry hydrogen sulphide, fluorine, chloride, bromine, ammonia, chloride and fluorine hydride, sulfur dioxide. But it cannot resist corrosion in humid environments.

Silicon brass has a demerit — low resistance in:
— mine acid waters that contain ferrous sulphate;
— salt solutions of chromic acids;
— chlorides and sulphates of heavy metals.

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