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50N permalloy tube


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
50N EI467 1.3922 K94840 NiFe50 Buy from stock, view availability


Permalloys are characterized as the iron-nickel alloys that have a relatively good permeability in weak fields. Permalloys are divided by their composition in low-nickel alloys (that contain to 50% of Ni) and high-nickel alloys (that contain to 82% of Ni). Belonging to a defined group depends on a quantity of nickel that determines magnet and electrical features. Low-nickel permalloy has a good conductivity (200%) in comparison with a high-nickel permalloy. That is why they are used in different industries. 50N grade is used in manufacture of transformer flakes and elements of magnetic recording heads.


Percentage composition according to GOST 10 994 — 74

B Fe Cu S Si Mn Ni C
≤0,02 48.33 — 50.55 ≤ 0.2 ≤0,02 0.15 — 0.3 0.3 — 0.6 49,0−50.5 ≤0.03

Alloy is smelted in open arc furnace. Except for analogous alloys, permalloy 50N does not contain phosphorus. It possesses a small variation of electrical resistance (not more than 5%), which are defined by force and existent magnetic orientation.

This alloy must be alloyed with such elements as cuprum, mangan, and silicon for strengthening of electromagnetic properties. A smelt is done in vacuum or in environment of inert gas. Semi-fabricates of minimal thickness is manufactured with a method of cold-rolled stamping with the further annealing. It is done for increasing magnetic properties. 50N permalloy has improved features and increased magnetizing. This alloy is characterized by a significant sensitivity of magnetic properties in relation to external changes.


Due to its small magnetostriction, it is used in mechanical high-accurate units that have stable characteristics in a variable magnetic field. This alloy is used in manufacturing cores of small-sized and high-power transformers, relay actuators, chokes and small details of magnetic circuits. They operate while working at increased induction with a small bias or without it. High-doped alloys are utilized for making cores of small transformers, contactless relays, pulsing transformers, intensifiers, and screens. Permalloys with 65−68% content of nickel that provide a rectangular hysteresis loop, have got a practical significance in some types of computing tools and automation devices.

Physical characteristics

Description Identification
Modulus of elasticity of first kind [MPa] E
Heating capacity of material (or coefficient of conductivity for heat) [V/(m/degree] l
Required temperature for obtaining of actual features, [Degree] T
Linear expansion thermal coefficient [1/degree] (range of temperatures 20°С) a
Specific electrical resistivity [Оhm-mm2/m] 0,81 R
Density of a material, [kg/m3] r
Specific heat of a material [J/(kg/degree)] (range of temperature 20°С) C

Magnetic characteristics

Description Identification
Coercive field (not higher) [A/m] Hc
Magnetical inductive capacity (not higher) [mH/m] Umax
Saturation induction 2 T [V/kg] P1.0/50
Magnetic T induction, magnetic field strength no less than 100, in magnetic field, [A/m] B100

Mechanical characteristics

Description Identification
Short resistance to rupture [MPa] sv
Flow limit (proportional limit load) for permanent change of form [MPa] sT
Percent elongation at fracture [ % ] d5
Contraction ratio [ % ] y
Impact hardness [ kJ/m2] KCU
Brinell hardness [MPa]-1 120−210 HB

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Type Description
limitedly weldable welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С and last heat treating
hardly weldable in order to obtain a qualitative welded joints, it is necessary to perform the following operations: while welding to heat it up to 200−300°C, heat treating (annealing) after welding
weldable without stint welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating

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