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Pipe made of X3NiCrCuMoTi27-23, aisi 904L


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
06HN28MDT EI943 1.4539 904L X3NiCrCuMoTi27-23 Buy from stock, view availability


X3NiCrCuMoTi27−23 is smelted in electric-arc furnaces. This grade is classified as stainless corrosion resistant simple heat-resistant steel. It relates to a group of steels on iron-nickel basis of austenitic class. It complies with severe requirements of GOST. This alloy can be designated as EI943. It can be substituted by X3NiCrCuMoTi27−30.

Percentage composition (GOST 18143−72)

Ni Cr Mn Mo Si C P Ti Fe S
26 — 29 22 — 25 <0,8 2,5 — 3 <0,8 <0,06 <0,035 0,5 — 0,9 36,885 — 46,5 <0,02

Available mill-products of X3NiCrCuMoTi27−30: pipe, rod, wire, sheet, strip. Starting temperature of plastic deformation is 1170 °C and finishing is about 900 °C.

Physical properties at t° of 20°С:

— Specific weight is 7,96 g/cm3

— Heat conductivity is 13,4 V/(m К).

— Unit-area resistance is 0,75 Ohm-mm2/m;

— Hardness is 200 HB MPa -1

— Magnetic permeability is 1.255 micro-tesla/m in H field of 500


The following types of welding are possible: manual, automatic with flux, under gas shielding. For manual electric-arc welding, there are used electrodes OK 61.30, ОК 67.15 with wire cores such as SW-03HN25MDG, SW-03HN25MDGB. The same masteralloys are used at automatic argon-arc and electric-arc welding. As a means of flux, there is recommended grade AH-18.


Manufacture of chemical welded devices: heat-exchangers, reactors, pipelines, equipment for mineral fertilizer synthesis. Manufacture of tanks that operate in solutions of phosphorus, 55% H2 SO4, spirit of verdigris and similar aggressive environments up to a temperature of 80 °C.

Welding electrodes are made of wire. They are used for joint of nozzle parts, pipe joints, repair of welding composition of nuclear reactors. Sheet is requested for convective coils as a means of two-layered hot-rolled corrosion-resistant sheets, installations for production of ethylene, ammonia, carbon disulfide, hydrogen and other chemical elements. This alloy well operates in temperature range of 700−960°C and pressure of up to 40 atm. In recent times, this steel is utilized in manufacture of branded utensils, pretties, luxury goods.


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