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Mill-products made of titanium

General characteristics

Titanium mill-products are represented in the forms of tubes, rods, bars, wires, foils, strips, sheets, plates, TiC- electrodes. 100 years ago titanium was branded as «metal of future» because of its unusual properties. High strength, low volume weight (comparatively with other materials), corrosive resistance under effect of aggressive environment, forging quality, plasticity make it indispensable in modern industry. It has a higher corrosive resistance than noble elements. Its insignificant density is similar to aluminium indexes. Plasticity is similar to copper indexes of this property; low creeping is identical to stainless steel. It can keep its properties from temperature of -250°С up to a red heat. Unique wearing qualities, heat resistance, strength-to-weight ratio made this metal an indispensable material of modern science and engineering in XXI century.


The main method of its obtaining is recovering of TiCi 4 at high temperatures with a help of magnesium and natrium. Titanium quickly reacts with atmospheric gas in a hot condition. In this regard, the main aim of productions processes is to minimize a joint of jot metal with N2, O2, H2. The main demerit of manufacture is an energy intensity of process and its high cost. Titanium alloys are classified by grating crystalline configuration in general metallurgy. By a treatment method, they are divided into deformable and casting alloys.


Due to its unique properties, titanium mill-products are consistently established itself as one of leading choice in frontier of modern industry. Heat conduction, low-density allow using this metal in manufacture of heat equipment. Nowadays, this metal is much-requested in cryogenic manufacture because it can keep a high strength at very low temperatures. There can be made essential parts for mechanical engineering, shipbuilding (including submarines). On its basis, there can be manufactured alloys for aircraft, rocket engineering

Field of titanium application is almost unrestricted. Biological inertness allows making bearing materials for corrective surgery; it is also used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Due to these properties, it has become an indispensable material in making up-to-date surgical instruments, and prosthetic appliances in dentistry, orthopaedics. It is utilized in manufacturing bulletproof jackets; it is used for designing a modern interior. Despite a high cost, its usage is economically warranted of a softness, long operational life and strength of products.

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