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Pipe made of X10CrAl24, aisi 446


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
15X25T EI439 1.4762 446 X10CrAl24 Buy from stock, view availability


X10CrAl24, aisi 446 grade relates to stainless complex alloyed alloys of ferritic class. According to GOST 5632−72, composition is composed of: 24−27% of chrome, 0.8% of manganese, up to 1% of silicon, 0.15% of carbon, 0.5−0.9% of titanium and thousand parts of percent of sulfur and phosphorus.

Percentage composition (GOST 5632−72)

Fe Si C Mn P Cr Ti S Residual elements
Basis ≤ 1 ≤ 0,15 ≤ 0,8 ≤ 0,035 24 — 27 0,5 — 0,9 ≤ 0,025 ≤ 0,5


A smelt of steel is done in open induction furnace. Temperature of hot-processing is 1100 °C at the beginning and 800 °C at the end of process. After deformation a steel should be cooled. According to a first pattern, there must be done a cooling in water, in oil, or in the air. During a second pattern, a cooling is done with a help of water with further holding of products (4 — 4.5 hours). Welding of steel X10CrAl24, aisi 446 is performed by electric-arc method.


X10CrAl24, aisi 446 steel is used in manufacture of parts, gas transmission and heat-conducting systems, which work under moderate loads but without impact loads. X10CrAl24, aisi 446 steel pipe is utilized in parts of burner devices. It is used in manufacture of electric thermal transducer casings. It can operate at a temperature from — 20 °C up to +1100°С. It does not contaminate thermocouple electrodes and guarantees a reliable protection of transducers when working in rigorous conditions of aggressive environment. Such pipe can withstand a thermal stress of 1000 °C for a long period of time. At that, it does not lose resistance to static stress. That is why it is used for spark-plug electrodes in internal combustion engines. It can also be utilized by a means of bearing material for heat-exchanging systems of steam and gas turbines, jet engines, nuclear-electric power installations etc.


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