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Rose's alloy

Technical characteristics

Rose’s alloy is an alloy of easy melting metals with drops of silver color. It was invented by German chemist Valentine Rose senior. Solidification temperature is 93° — 96 °C. Melting point of alloy is +94°С. Rose’s alloy contains bismuth of about 50%, tin of 18%, lead of 32%.

Bi Pb Sn Residual elements
50% 32% 18% 0.5%

This material is perfectly smelted in boiling water. By its properties, Rose’s alloy is almost identical to Wood’s alloy. But it differs with lower toxicity level because it does not contain cadmium in its composition.

Manufacture and application

Rose’s alloy is manufactured in a form of bars (10x12x250), drops, ingots according to requirements of technical conditions 6−09−4065−88. It is used in the form of special solder of grade POSW-50 for brazing the contacts that are sensitive to super-heating. It is also applied for brazing the copper alloys, copper+aluminium alloy in aluminium electrical stop-valves and semiconductor technologies. It is also used for tinning and brazing of copper alloys or nickel, brass, bronze, silver-plated ceramics, details, and jewellery. This alloy is often used by radio amateurs for tinning the copper surfaces of etched plates. It is done in the following way: in boiling water is added 2−3 drops of alloy and then a citric acid. After that, the plate is put down into container and forced with copper side against the bottom with a help of stick. Finished plate is picked out and decontaminated with absorbent cloth.

Transportation and storage

Rose’s alloy is usually stored in tightly packed container or in inside storage during three years. Getting onto the skin, this alloy can give a hive or intoxication as long as it contains heavy metals. Its transportation can be done by any type of transport.


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