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Alloys of lead

Technical characteristics

Lead is the 82nd element of the 4th period of the periodic table where it is marked Pb. It is a soft metal of a bluish-gray color. Has a face-centered cubic lattice, lends itself perfectly to the striking, due to the plasticity and viscosity. Easy to melt at t° total of 327.5°C. the boiling point of 1740 °C. it has a low thermal conductivity. The surface is covered with oxide film, which protects the metal from the negative impact of the environment. Compounds extracted from ores. Major suppliers — the US, EU, Korea, China Today is the price on the world market a kilo of lead is 1.5.e.

Physical quality Pb

Description Marking
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol MYR 207.2
Atomic number 82
Density [g/cm3] 11,34
The melting temperature t°C Of 327.5°C
The degree of oxidation 4, 2, 0
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 35,3
Molar volume cm3/mol 18,3

Alloys of lead

They are conventionally divided into two categories — high and low. The former include alloys of lead with various special additives that increase the resistance of metals to external influences. Such additives can increase anti-friction properties, change the melting temperature and shrinkage. For low-alloyed alloys include compounds of lead with tin, Nickel, antimony, cadmium, copper. These alloys increase the corrosion resistance of lead in acidic environments and high humidity conditions. The addition of antimony or copper to allow you to use the alloys for the production of building materials — sheets, rebar, pipes. Additives of tin makes it possible to manufacture low-voltage and power cables. Lead in conjunction with other metals, receives a number of advantages. For example, increases the strength, allowing it to be used for connection or soldering of pipes.

Casting lead

This is a fairly complex process, to repeat that at home is impossible. Casting technology provides a well-ventilated large room, in which a fluid melt is poured on separate forms and kept at a special temperature and a certain pressure. I would like to mention that the lead fumes are toxic. Poisoning can be quite serious, including death. But despite this, dispense with the lead today newzone.


The use of lead began in ancient times, for example, before he bought to make a seal, as to cause an imprint on the surface quite easily. Today it is used in the manufacture of seals for typos safes, premises or wagons. This is frequently used industrial chemicals, construction industry, energy. To this day, it remains indispensable for the production of antiknock fuels and automotive batteries. Another important factor is its low cost, physico-chemical quality as well as the possibility of recycling when the batteries fail.


Note that to utilize these products only in accordance with the rules SNIP. The lowest prices — scrap lead cable. Will accept material only if it is clean. Much more expensive is the reception of scrap boards lead, however, if it is without foreign inclusions, which reduce the price. The most expensive is paid for the scrap lead printing font.

Lead sheets

Actively used in construction. It is suitable for roofs of buildings, fixtures or fireplace chimneys. It is used in the equipment of x-ray rooms. For repair works of a private house, you can opt for sheet lead for roofing. Buy lead also often sheet form. It is the most universal and most practical. The sheet can be applied, for example, for lining doors. Such processing will make the door bulletproof. They sheathe military machines, submarines, and use as bibs for diving suits.


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