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Magnesium metal

Technical Characteristics

Magnesium is a light, silvery-white metal, which is not subject to oxidation in air under normal conditions. Technical raw materials for production of the metal are produced by electrolysis, followed by refining of the resulting mixture. Another way of producing magnesium is thermal (using silicon or coke).

The specific gravity of Mg 1.738 g/cm³
Melting point 650 °C
Boiling point 1090 °C
Specific heat of melting 9,20 kJ/mol
Specific heat of vaporization 131,8 kJ/mol
Oxidation state +2

In its pure form the metal is used quite rarely, but its alloys have gained well-deserved popularity. So, this metal as an additive component improves the properties of alloys - increases the specific strength and facilitates technological processing. Supplier "Auremo" offers high quality products that meet GOST and international standards.

The biological role of magnesium

It is believed that life on Earth originated and emerged from the ocean. The genetic memory of this environment is preserved in many enzymatic reactions of modern animals and plants. Without this element, protein synthesis and calcium assimilation are impossible. Most adults are deficient in magnesium. Suffice it to say that magnesium is easily washed out of the body by alcohol. Deficiency of this element is manifested by chronic fatigue, insomnia, osteoporosis and arthritis, headaches, muscle cramps. With sweating, frequent consumption of beer, laxatives and diuretics, after stresses, as well as in people of physical labor and athletes) the need for magnesium increases.


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