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HN77TJUR (Nimonic 80A) tube


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
XN77TYUR EI437B 2.4952 N07080 NiCr20TiAl Buy from stock, view availability
HN77TYURB EI437A Buy from stock, view availability
XN77TYURU EI437BU Buy from stock, view availability


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a modern industry without using stainless alloys on a nickel basis. This nickel-chromium steel possesses resistance to corrosion, long operational life. It is much-requested in industries that manufacture details (which are exploited at a high temperature of 750−850ºС in aggressive gas environment). Due to a high content of nickel and chrome, details that are made of this alloy have a high corrosive resistance by providing an increased reliability of equipment.


Alloy composition complies with GOST 5632−72. This alloy is smelted in open electric furnaces. It provides a minimal content of unnecessary residual elements.

Percentage composition of alloy

Ni Ti Cr Al Si Fe Mn Ce C P Pb B S
70- 77.4 2.4−2.8 19−22 06−1.0 ≤0,6 ≤1 ≤0.4 ≤0.02 ≤0.07 ≤0.015 ≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≤0.007

Thermohardening performs at a temperature of 1080 — 1120ºС with further cooling in water or in air. Age-hardening performs at a temperature of 700−750°C during 5−16 hours (depending on a type of mill-products). This alloy is hardly weldable. It is released in the forms of hot rolling or cold-rolled bar, hot-rolled or cold-rolled pipe.

Strength properties t° 20°С:

— short resistance to rupture = 950 MPa;

— flow limit = 620 MPa;

— ultimate elongation at break = up to 20%;

— ultimate contraction = not higher than 15%;

— hardness after thermohardening according to Brinnel = 255 — 321 MPa;

Mechanical properties at t° of 100°С:

— lineal expansion coefficient α = 12,67x10-6/°C;

— density — 8,18 g/cm3;

— heating capacity 13,9 V/(m-deg);

— electrical resistivity- 1,247 Ohm-mm2/m.


It is utilized in circles, disks, turbine blades, gas-fired boiler tubes and other equipment that exploits at a temperature of 750 °C in complex environment. There can be manufactured details with increased strength for critical structures (wheels, wrist pins, weld beds, friction discs, external screws, circles) in aircraft engineering, in motor-vehicle construction.
Assembly modules that are made of HN77TJUR are intended to long operational life in energetics, petroleum refining and gas processing industries at a temperature of not higher than 850ºС. This alloy is used in manufacture of pipelines of different cross-section, in manufacture of heat interchanger, reservoir etc.


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