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Rod duralumin

Rod duralumin


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Д16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Buy from stock, view availability
В95 7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Duralumin is an alloy of aluminium (94%), copper (4%) and magnesium (1%). To buy a high quality duralumin rod you must make sure that its composition, manufacturing process and process accurately meets the requirements of GOST. These parameters determine the physical and mechanical properties of the alloy as well as its characteristics in terms of the effects of low and high temperatures. The main advantages of the material are:

· high strength;

· thermal resistance;

· low volume weight;

· excellent weldability spot welding.

The percentage composition of the alloy D 16

Fe Al Cr Mn Cu Zn Mg Si Ti+Zr Impurities
≤0,5 91−94,7 ≤0,1 0,3−0,9 3,8−4,9 ≤0,25 1,2−1,8 ≤0,5 ≤0,2 ≤0,15

Circle D16 has a high plasticity, fine cutting, fine hardened with heat treatment, however, with the increase in strength decreases the ductility and toughness. Labeling fully complies with replacerange duralumin alloys without heat treatment. Corrosion resistance is significantly improved after plating. Marking D16T is denoted tempered and naturally aged alloy. He is in demand in the aviation, Maritime and river shipbuilding, exploration.

The percentage composition of the alloy In the 95

Fe Al Cr Mn Cu Zn Mg Si Ti Impurities
≤0,5 Of 86.3−91.5 per 0,1−0,25 0,2−0,6 1,4−2 5−7 1,8−2,8 ≤0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,1


Circle brand V95 has a very high ductility, excellent weldability, for example by spot welding. For hardening of the finished products used heat treatment and cold deformation. Plating pure aluminium improves the corrosion resistance. Circles, artificially aged and hardened for maximum strength, denoted as В95Т1. After quenching the product must not have any trace of burnout. They pass all the necessary tests immediately after the heat treatment. Precision manufacturing, durability are normal, the quality of surface finish — standard.


Transport engineering, fuel and energy, construction of industrial structures. The main advantage of this material is high specific strength at low weight. This circle is made of the loaded structure, which work in compression, such as frames of airplanes, trucks, fragments of building facades.


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