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Wire made of titanium


Titanium wire has unique corrosive resistance — in contact with sea water, alkalis, hot salt solutions, nitric acid, in atmosphere of chlorine, sulfur, commercial gasses. It does not react with organic acids including glacial concentrated acetic acid and acetic anhydride at a temperature up to 100 °C. It is easy to treat and to weld. It has a low heat conduction. Its plasticity is almost identical to copper wire. It has the same creep as stainless steel has. Useful properties are kept under an effect of temperature extremes (from -250 up to +500°С). There appears a protective consistent oxynitride film on its surface in air at a temperature of 500−550°С. High strength-to-density ratio, heat resistance, softness, corrosive resistance make this wire an indispensable in shipbuilding, motor-vehicle construction, rocket and aircraft engineering, where a weight of details plays a critical role. Biological inertness and such a rare property as «shape memory» make it popular in medicine.


Among demerits, there can be mentioned its high self-cost and complexity of manufacture. However, if to take into account its unique properties, reliability, long operation life, all manufacturing expenses will be regained over the long run.


Titanium wire is made of grades 1, 2, gost VT2, gost PТ-7М, gost ОТ 4−1, gost ОТ 4, gost ОТ 4−1, gost 20−1, gost SPТ-2, grade 5, gost 20−2 in pickled or deggased condition. It is made with a help of cold and hot drawing according to GOST 27 265−87, 19 807−74 (chem. composition). After finishing working operations, a surface must be clean, clear, without non-pickled places, black spots. A distortion that is connected with coil annealing is not a demerit.


Softness, reliability of titanium wire make it an indispensable at construction of submarines, jet modern propulsions. It is widely used in industrial chemistry due to its high acid and corrosive resistance; in medicine due to its biological inertness. It serves as a basis for dental brackets, orthopaedic screws, nails, bows for union of broken bones.
Nitinol on a titanium basis is used in vascular surgery for making drug-eluting stents which are intended to be used in vasoreflaxation due to a unique property — shape memory. Nitinol filament administers into casualty arteria through a blood-stream with a help of special sonde. Then, it actuates with electrical discharge and unclamps arterial walls by rolling into spring.

Titanium wire supplier

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Titanium wire of grade 1

Diameter, mm Unit measure Price
1 kg negotiated
2 kg — «-
3 kg — «-
4 kg — «-
5 kg — «-
6 kg — «-

Titanium wire OT4

Diameter, mm Unit measure Price
7 kg — «-

Titanium wire gost OT4−1

Diameter, mm Unit measure Price
1 kg negotiated
1.5 kg — «-
4 kg — «-
5 kg — «-

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